What happens to the May 2020 update?

When will we get som info about the update or is it delayed?

I would bet some money on some news coming tomorrow during the live stream

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They usually drop patches at the end of each month so I’m betting either tomorrow in lets say ~16hours or the day after.
edit Just heard Pontus say loosely on stream it could be a week or so for the patch to drop considering the circumstances.

Update usually comes on the last Tuesday of the month. That’s why I asked.

This one comes with additional pressure…more than usual. It will kick off big time if the AI is not levelled out.

I definitely second what mrjimp said, plus…

… please rework the damned gas damage issue. Either tone it down in general or give us proper and working gas resistance means / skills. And please rework the mechanics and range of gas, it’s ridiculous that one can be gas-spammed to death through solid walls.

My 2 ct…


Hear hear!
I’d be willing to walk or bike myself, and skip fast travel, to get this one.:+1:

I really hope, there will be an update soon. I am starting steam every day, just to look if there is an update :slight_smile:

I’d really like the difficulty levels to be more differentiated. I haven’t gone for Guerrilla difficulty, but the other two feel exactly the same :confused:

Better ways to handling gas attacks would also be welcome. Maybe it’ll be part of the crafting system once it’s finished?

FYI: Acc. to the livestream, the May update is delayed and will come in early June.


Not surprising. Cleaning up the mess that was their last update is probably a lot of work. They should have reverted to the old version before the free weekend. Would have saved everyone a lot of trouble.

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Rolling back the game to a previous version may not even be possible, for one thing that would render your saves incompatible. Nevermind that they’re basically a skeleton crew working on the game now due to Covid-19… Even the Community Manager works from home.

“They should have” is such a pointless argument to make in a scenario like this.

@bcatrek said it, it was confirmed in today’s stream that the update gets pushed back into early June.

Since that’s all the answer that can be given for now, I’ll be locking this thread.