What (if any) new apparel/vanity items/collections do you want to see?

I’d personally like to see more generic, classic 80s hair styles and clothing, particularly acid wash denim jeans and acid wash drop shoulder jacket. I’d also like the jacket seen on the guy in my profile photo
I’d love to see hair/clothing from The Karate Kid (The All Valley Set), The Lost Boys (The Never Grow Old Set), The Goonies, The Breakfast Club

I think we really need new faces too! IMO the current ones don’t fit with what I’m trying to do with my characters
And hats with hair!

You might say, “the game is in third person, why does it matter?” It matters to me and a lot of other players too. We just enjoy character customisation even if we can’t see the results all of the time. It helps us feel immersed and invested

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More fingerless gloves.

More military clothes like a half mask, or more tactical clothing like a bulletproof vest which was invented, I believe in 1965.

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These make a lot of sense to be fair