What is a delivery_inHouseDevBranchCata

What is a “delivery_inHouseDevBranchCata” folder doing in my saves folder? It appeared in my saves folder around June.

I dont have folder named that in anywhere on saves folder.

well i do not know anything about naimng of folders. but maybe it has some stuff that gives data from the game to the devs. it says “delivery”. the “devbranchcata”. so maybe it gives game data to devs. Probs something else though.

Settings -> Privacy ->

If you have either of the two, or both enabled then “delivery_inHouseDevBranchCata” folder is created to send telemetry back to the devs.

I have that folder too and it was created on 10th of April '19, which is the 1st day i started playing GZ and on 1st day, i also enabled both to help devs.

I have both options set to YES and no such folder.

If I remember correctly I had it at one point along with some save files issues (game was reading save files from different folder than it should). Later I just deleted it.

That could be possibility as well.

In any event, this folder isn’t created by malware (possibly OP’s main concern) and is normal game folder.

I have racked up 21 different savefiles during this year, some with tracking on and some off, most with reports enabled. I have never seen this folder in any of my backups.

Perhaps related to win7?

I think it is not common. But on Steam forum, two others have posted having the same folder in their saves directory. There is a speculation this folder is created when you get cut-off from Steam unexpectedly as it contains a savegame and savegame.bac files but they are not being updated since first created. Mine was created July 20. The files are functional.

@ Aesyle You’re right. I am concerned about malware. Maybe the folder is harmless just want to know for sure.

@ Znurrad Can’t be win 7, am using win 10.

I have these folders too. With all the reports of corrupted saves, I thought it was an extra back-up for the game, since the save folder has two folders in it now that have the savegame and savegame.bac file.

It is harmless. I’ve had it from the day one (had a lot of game crashes back then) and my Malwarebytes Premium doesn’t identify it as malware either.