What is everyone's current thoughts on the state of the game right now


With the recent update and all the issues people have seen, how is everyone feeling about the game. What are everyone’s thoughts on everything when it did work? Its great to see the devs working so hard.


I love the game hope I can get playing again soon


I fully agree, all the work and new features including melee cant wait for it to be fixed.


The game is straight bum I fo t know why this new update broke everything but its stupid.They are just throwing the game so that they dont have to work on it anymore


It’s a great game and team working on it take your negativity elsewhere


First things first, i love this game, the graphics are brutal and the gameplay and game setting is great.
But…the devs broke an important rule " if it ain´t broke, don´t fix it" the game was running fine before April, only problem was the difficulty to grab experimental weapons, since then it is kinda broken, and now it´s even worse for Xbox players, if the new updates had issues, they should have waited till they could fix them, PS4 update has been constantly delayed and the Xbox update brought disgrace to everyone who did not begun a new game, the costumers are not happy and they have a point…and i feel sad because the Future of the game might have been compromised , If people are unhappy they won´t buy upcoming DLCs, those 3 big islands on the map will remain barren and inaccessible.
It would be sad if after they fix the game( because they will) that´s it and no more big changes.
This game and no Man´s sky both started on the wrong foot and both recovered after some time, but after April all hell Brooke loose with GZ.
So, i hope things change for the better.


I’ve mentioned in quite a few posts relating to general issues with the company and it’s release.

Pufty made a good point to me earlier in the stream chat, that it will be the community that will be needed in order to keep the game going.

I am of the opinion though, that its need’s to be 100% before Jan 1st 2021 or not only will this title suffer across the consoles, they will carry the reputation into Second Extinction - and will always be made out as the developer with problems in releases.


My words exactly.

I played the game since May 2019 and I enjoyed it immensely. Things changed October last year, and I’m sure that the vast majority found it to be for the better. But I liked the game the way it was. Something about the atmosphere. Then it got very difficult in April, and suddently I died a lot. That got boring to me. The latest update breaks my frame rate quite often, sometimes to less than 1 FPS (Xbox One). But I’m sure that will be fixed eventually.

I think it would be fair to say that if I just started playing GZ today I would absolutely love it (except for the framerate degradation). But for me the game has a history and I can’t “forget” that. So I don’t play anymore. I might, however, very well start again one day.

So - all in all - great job, devs! You have given me endless hours of first class gaming entertainment. Thanks a million :+1:

I hope I’ll be back at the console bashing Machines one day when I begin to miss GZ again.


Overly negative comment(s) removed. Expressing criticism about the game is fine, but if you’re going to insult others, find someplace else to do it. Keep the discussion civil, guys.



The last time the game worked as intended was before the April update. Some five months ago. Avalanche were quickly made aware of the April update problems and decided to bundle the fix with DLC that they still haven’t managed to push out to PS4. It is my view that the game in its current state is unplayable. Why Avalanche makes players that won’t buy another DLC from them ever again wait for close to half year to fix the game in incomprehensible to me.


My opinion about the game in general is mixed. I really like the graphics and the atmosphere the devs created. This is what excites me everytime I start playing the game. The sounds (if they don’t get lost during a playing session) are awesome. The immersion is really it’s own kind.

But what annoys me greatly and dampens the experience are the design flaws baked into this game. The terrible implementation of spreading of gas (there is none, it’s instantly everywhere disregarding of walls etc., even wind doesn’t effect it), the annoying mid-air drops of hunters (should have kept the harvesters at april level and a hunter escort with it) and the clunky and inconsistent inventory are just the major gripes I really need to get my head around every time.

I don’t mind the difficulty, I play on Guerilla and finally got to lvl 25 where the rivals are now threatend by me.

The Apline Unrest DLC is great. More snow, more dangerous machines and some NPCs (although I hate the hotel defending mission with a passion). This made a genuine package.
Of course where is light, there is shadow and the shadow is the FNIX Rising DLC. I don’t understand the reason behind this DLC. Why transform the beautiful landscape into a Verdun light? Why not use one of the unused islands around the main island for that. And the humming noise in the Southcoast region is almost unbearable.

All in all I still would recommend this game (which I had already, the person is really enjoying this game right now). But I would appreciate more of a golden thread as a theme for this game.


I play on PC and game works fine. Sure, there are few bugs and rare crashes but other than that, all is good.

You seem to forget that it was the console player base who were pushing hard on the devs to fix the issues ASAP, so that they can play the FNIX Rising. Working with this kind of pressure isn’t easy and eventually, is bound to leave some bugs in.

Xbox version of FNIX Rising isn’t completely broken. If you play solo and doesn’t let anyone join your game or don’t join other player games, game works fine. It’s the MP part which gives issues and MP issue was the very issue devs had trouble fixing all that time.
Devs worked their hardest and when they didn’t see any more MP issues on their part, they released the Xbox update. Of course, there is only so much you can test and no-one can possibly test every single scenario, especially when you have console player base breathing down on your neck and pushing you to release the update.
So, the Xbox update came out and for those who the MP didn’t work, they also posted about it. At first, devs weren’t able to reproduce that issue in-house and needed players help to figure out what went wrong. At current moment, devs have been able to reproduce the issue and are working on a fix.


I used to love this game. After beating it late last year, I felt like playing through again this week on ps4. I get some people want that hardcore challenge but not everyone likes that.
Between the harvesters unlimited supply of hunters no matter what mode you play on and all the machines almost never miss accuracy. It’s just not enjoyable for me anymore. Sucks too cause I was looking forward to the FNIX Rising on ps4.


PC player here, played since release.

The game works very well at this point. The only problems I have encountered since the last update/DLC in june, is that the game sometimes crashes when Tanks charge at you. This can be extremely frustrating if you’re hunting for loot, and the game crashes before you’re able to search downed enemies. Apart from this one issue, GZ is the best it has ever been at this point, in my opinion. I can play for hours and hours without noticing a single bug of any kind. :slight_smile:
I hope we can be done waiting for the console fixes, and that we may see some sweet, new content soon! That would be awesome! :grin:

I hope the devs are planning to open up a new island soon. Himfjäll is so incredibly awesome! It’s brimming with the best loot, and far more 80’s nostalgia than the main island. I want the next big DLC to be more like Alpine Unrest. FNIX Rising was good, but AU outshines it by far. I’m trembling in excitement for that special feeling of stepping ashore on a brand new, unexplored island! :star_struck:

But of course, make the console squad happy before we move on. :wink:


I suppose it depends on the platform. I’m mostly happy with how the game is on PC right now, though I’m considering starting over again since I’m running out of things to do. Some kind of repeatable missions or something could give longevity, though I think it’d be unfair to add too much content without lining it up for all platforms first. It’ll be nice to play GZ with winter season coming on, helps to get in the mood for playing.


I am on PC, and thusfar… I have had no issues at all.
Besides a few graphical ones, like ground seems being open, or a floating grass patch, or…

Then there are these weird sound centers, where sounds are like 200%, as if all sound begins in these places to cover a certain range.

Machine AI is off, but it’s not killing the game in itself, so…
I try to ignore this as well.

Otherwise, the game was already just awesome, and with the recent FR DLC (which I still need to purchase, but I am too poor) the additions like the Data Centers and similar are SO very awesome…
Can’t wait to get my hands on FR…
But I have to wait, for a wee money to come free.



I never had real issues with GZ.
Sure, the latest DLC screwed my save up (though, while I just said GZ did, it was a Cloud save, could be it got fuxxorred up in the cloud, and GZ had nothing to do with it, at all).
Still, I do not experience crashes, or freezes, or any of these things (on PC, I cannot speak for any of the consoles it is released on).

To ME, the game always ran VERY well, and many say: “You’re one lucky guy!”, I believe rather it is not luck, but the fact that I keep my PC in optimal condition.
I defrag my HDD’s (12TB in total) every other week, I do PC maintenance every other week (automated), if something starts to fail I look indepth to what the cause can be (like a new faulty driver or a damaged file), and these virtually never occur, most probably due to my exaggerated PC maintenance.

To those with game issues, try to do an indepth maintenance, in many cases this helps a lot.
Not in ALL cases, but many cases.
And the PC will love you for it.
Mine does.

Makes my wife jealous… :’(


Best to make manual copies of the game saves when you stop playing. I sometimes even make a copy during the game, when I found special items, like weapons, collectibles, clothing or schematics. I force a game save and then make a copy and play on.


I do, but when I quit playing 6 months ago, I deleted these hard versions from my disk.
Reason: each new DLC, I start from scratch, so there be no compatibility issues, or errors from previous versions.
Still, I re-installed the game, and cloud (which I had forgotten to turn off) re-installed the ‘lost saves’.

Either way, it’s good to start from scratch after a big patch or a DLC, since save file errors are then eliminated…


What i said is very simple to be understood, when you make a product if you rush it and if it has flaws you should not deliver it to the costumer, it´s simple and it´s this way with everything, Military Hardware and software, vehicles, computers and TVs, building construction and roads.
If one rushes the project only because of the client there is a risk that it fails, buildings falling down, vehicles breaking down, software being easily hijacked by hackers.
The same principle applies to this game, because now their image and reputation is carefully under watch.
And i´m not criticizing, it´s the truth , and i admit that people wanted the DLC at the same time and they should have released at the same time as most other companies do, BUT if the issues with console versions were as severe as this, it´s obvious waiting is better than having save data corruption and crashes.
Now people just need to wait and do other things there is more to life than just GZ, the pc version is stable, they will probably fix the console versions on the next weeks.