What is the goal of released Generation Zero?

So, I enjoyed the closed Beta very much. This game has potential.
I have recently bought other games in early stages, then nothing has happened and the games have
more or less died out. (Fractured Lands, Realm Royale, and so on, just to give you guys
some concrete examples so that you know that I know what I am talking about).

I played the game as I said and it was a very promising experience. The movement is good, or
even great. It doesnt feel clumsy and akward at all. The weapons do what can be expected from them.
The enemies, the bots, are ok also. They are stupid, or as “smart” as bots ever can be in these types
of games.

Now that is my main concern, the bots. Or the overall game idea. Will GZ be a single player game,
with option to invite friends, only? Or will GZ have some kind of multiplayer system?

Because to be honest, a game without multiplayer system, will not be that interesting.
To fool the bots is too easy for the modern average fps player. Just hide in a house, kille them,
use the game world against them. Its just too easy. The days of the 90´s and early 00´s are over,
in terms of fps gaming challanges.

GZ can become one of the greater games, if there will be a multiplayer system. Otherwise,
I am doubtful. I think about games like Wolfenstein II The new Colossus. It takes a lot to make a
game interesting enough to attract buyers, if there is only single / co-op (not in Colossus)
system in the game.

I would like to listen to what you guys at the GZ dev studio have in mind and what your ideas
are about GZ´s future? What is your idea about the game in released state?