What is the longest possible kill shot a player can make?

I know at one time you could stand on the side of a hill to point straight up and fire a single rocket straight up. It would take some time but would come back down.

If something doesn’t show on the screen, is it still there way off in the distance? One example I can think of is at the air base. Look down the landing strip towards the FNIX base at the other end, you cannot see the base but can see the buildings behind the fnix base. If machines are walking between the fnix base and the original buildings, you can see and shoot them. As you get closer the building starts to appear, but you still destroyed the machines walking in the gap.

So hitting a machine with a stray round is possible.

I figured those super high distance kills were casued by machines accidentally falling into water. I get the occasional “rival has been destroyed” notification when I’m a long distance away from them, so it has to be something like that.

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I’m pretty sure that the longest killshot possible is ~your draw distance. I’ve used a PVG 90 to snipe a Runner at 500-something meters. I was on the mountain overlooking Ostervik, and the robot was down at the water’s edge, moving in and out of draw distance (disappearing and reappearing in an open-ish area). I was specifically looking for something over half a click out.

But the draw distance never was higher than 400m as far as I know.

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^^ This…

and so my statistics show 415 m for the longest kill shot and with that I got the (former) achievment for shooting a machine on a distance above 400 m. (It was a Harvester on Himfjäll that limped out of drawing distance and got finished with a “shot in the dark”…)

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Yes, same for me with a runner at 413m.

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Gonna need to check, then. I haven’t looked at my stats in months. At my age, I could be misremembering.

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Fire rockets from hikers barrack towards the archipelago. Makes for a good random distance kill. That’s how I got mine. Great bragging rights too for hitting an enemy that’s not even rendered.

Nope. I was right. 525m. I took a screenshot. There we are. Picture added. Also, I’m a little over a 1/4 of the way around the Earth.

Added a screenshot. Look at the message above.

One possible reason for long kills could be in multiplayer if the players are far from each other and you fire in another players direction. That player could have enemies around that could be hit

Really really old thread when the game was a lot different than it is now.

645 m for my furthest.

I am glad to see all of the great comments about the subject.

I am so surprised people are still commenting.

My longest Killshot was 413 m. Done on the Överby Airfield by downing some Runners and seekers at the opposite End of the Airfield. With the exp PVG90 Scope 8-16.

About 425m for me. North of Klacksundsfyen lighthouse over looking the plain just adjacent to Osterhallan Marine Centre. Potshotted a runner right up where the road disappeared over the crest near the water tank. All I could see was a dark smudge highlighted by the faint smudge of green poison gas.

Yeah, that’s what I aimed for when I did mine (~413) on Himfjäl, too.

Sadly I see a lot of gripes about this from PS folks. I’m not sure what to tell em beyond "bring a brave friend to stand next to machines…":grin: I get that it doesn’t render but ammo is cheap to build and the game does have ballistic trajectory. Just account for the curve and fire. One is bound to connect rather quickly if you have another player “spotting” to force things to render. I’m not seeing the struggle…

With my oldest character I currently play with on my PS4 I have a distance of 1.04km. But on my newer ones it’s 0m. Does’nt matter how far the kill is it does’nt register.