What is the longest possible kill shot a player can make?

I am trying to reach 400m but I think once you get 400m from your target the machine will despawn out of the game. Has anyone else had this same experience?


I had a lucky shot over about 413m.
I followed a walking apoc runner with my scope and when he got out of my sight I shot at the position I assumed him.

My mate did an even further shot somehow.

There are others who somehow reached a statistics with thousands of meters…

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I think mine is bugged - I’ll check the value when I get home. :sunglasses:

I had no problem making the 400 meter killshot challenge.
I stood atop the ski slope on Himfjäll and sniped a Runner down outside Himarvet. I think it stayed visible for a little bit beyond 400 meters, so 400 could be spawn-in, but maybe not spawn-out? :thinking:
Another thought. I always use the 6-12 scope on my PVG 90, but just for this challenge I put on a 8-16 scope. Maybe machines stay visible for longer with 16x zoom than they do with 12x zoom? That would kinda make sense, in a game at least. :man_shrugging:

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My assets pop in under 300m so i’m not sure how you even see things that far.

Do the assets even unload when scoping in? I did the 400m shot a couple of time on the airbase and on the DLC island, but that was some updates ago.

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I’m on PC (Steam). I don’t know if this has anything to say, and if perhaps console versions perform different around the 400 meter mark? :thinking:

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There are different reports from all systems.
It’s weird.

Until 2021 the max visible distance was 400 on console, now its 300 i think, you can still shoot the machines but you have to be lucky because you cant really see them.
My max kill was 450 or something like that, pure luck, and it was in 2020 or 2021.

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challenge accepted, I’m gonna try beating that :grin: if at all possible lol

what happens when place a mine then fast travel 2 other side of map, something worth a try

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Any items you place on the ground will despawn after moving a number of meters away, so no that would be a waste of a mine. Yea, bummer. Right?


Somehow like that some players did get the i. e. 2km kill shot distances.
Not sure how it looks like in multiplayer, if one player places the mines and travels away while the other player(s) stay(s) in proximity of them.

Just keep in mind that the mine placing player mustn’t be in combat to be able to fast travel.

My longest shot is about 425m I think. Need to check. I am sure I have taken out runners further than that, but can never be really sure and the achievement never changes. It was on Himfjäll, looking down along the plain, on the slopes near the lighthouse.

Why did they lower the visual distance those years ago…

My stats show my longest shot is over 1 mile. It is part of the YTD/overall stats but none of my present players have any longest shot recorded. It had to be a character that was deleted long ago and it no longer is keeping track of them. I regularly shoot machines that are just coming into a visual on my 8X16 scope, take a few steps back and poof, it is gone from view, but still no record.

No idea how I got it…

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No. The stats are just broken.
I have four characters for quite a while now, never deleted one.
My first one was the first at lvl 31, the second is my primary character for a long time now. This is the one which I used for my longest shot.
The third one is just for fun and the fourth is used for a new started world.

My “good” stats are just shown in the general overview.

All other stats just show some data, but far from all for each character. Maybe I’ll add screenshots later.

I had a distance of 3,71km killshot earlier with a character on a previous session before I did a reset of the game. But obviously that was a bug. Even thou some rounds go up in the air and probably fall down somewhere I doubt there would be anything that far away that the game keeps track of.

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This is just showing off - and no I don’t have a clue - it was a long time ago. :sweat_smile::sunglasses:


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