What is your best weapons combo?

It would be fun to discuss what combination of weapons players carry around.

What kind of weapons are must-haves?
How many weapons do you set as a limit?
What kinds and amounts of throwables do you carry? Including gas tanks, radios, mines etc.
Do you go for an all-round or a specialized setup?

Share your best weapons combo! :point_left::wink::point_right:

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At the moment, I personally carry around this:

Panservärnsgevär 90 rifle + 6-12 scope.
Älgstudsare rifle + 4-8 scope + silencer.
Automatgevär 5 assault rifle + 2x ACOG + barrel extension.
AI-76 assault rifle + silencer.
Sjöqvist Semi-Auto shotgun + choke.
.44 Magnus revolver + compensator.
Granatgevär m/49.

10 handgrenades.
5 EMP cells.
5 flares.
5 fireworks.
2 gas tanks.
1 boomblaster.
30 medkits.
10+ adrenaline shots.

Current main character and inventory.

Class 3 Granatgevär m/49
Class 5 M/46 K-pist SMG + SMG Barrel Extension, Extended Magazine, 2x ACOG
Class 5 Sjökvist Semi-auto + Choke

  • Tons of ammo for those weapons
    The Sjökvist eats ammo like candy, so I keep a large number of shells on me at all times.
    All other items very depending on what I pick up and where I am in the game.

@Zesiir I know I’m carrying way too many guns, and I’m currently working out which ones to keep.
Sjöqvist speaks for itself. Works well against anything!
Granatgevär m/49 also seems like a must-have.
I find it really hard to let go of a sniper rifle, so I’m going to keep one of them.
So, how do I decide whether to use an assault rifle or an smg?

For the assault rifles:

The AI-76 is a Machine-killer, and is great when you want to just run and gun. And it’s ammo is common. The Automatgevär 5 on the other hand feels like a more precise weapon; you can mount a scope on it and lengthen the barrel turning it into a DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle) and it’s really good for long shots.

The SMG’s are more about dishing out large amounts of bullets the quickest, and there the HP5 wins. It’s got an extremely high rate of fire and with a sound suppressor, extended mag and ACOG it’s a stealthy killer. Great for dispatching weaker enemies. The Kpist on the other hand is more slower-firing but easier to control.

It’s all up to how you play, really :slight_smile:

Not anywhere near endgame yet (only unlocked my third command bunker yesterday), but right now I carry:

  • A hunting rifle (currently an Älgstudsare, but I’m getting close to my first .50 cal (not that I have anywhere near enough ammo for one yet to want to use it regularly)) with a 4x-8x scope and a suppressor. When I can, I use this to snipe in preference to getting close.
  • An AG4. I might eventually switch to an AG5, but probably won’t for a while. Kitted with a 1x-4x scope, barrel extension, and the first extended magazine. When not sniping, this is my main weapon (and I’m carrying a ton of ammo for it.
  • A Sjöqvist shotgun. I only use buckshot on this anymore. Mostly used for laying in initial damage on tanks, I can unload a full clip from it fast enough that I usually won’t get hit by anything from the tank before I get back into cover, and I’ve gotten to the point I can reliably take out multiple ticks with a single shot. Only has a choke equipped (that’s all you can put on it), but I got insanely lucky (possibly unlucky?) and got a five-crown choke as a drop from a FNIX tank I killed at Torsberga.
  • A rocket launcher. Not used much anymore, but I’ve still found it useful occasionally. Most common thing I use it for is an opening hit on harvesters, because if you aim right and don’t draw aggro beforehand, you can wipe most or all of the runners escorting them in one shot.
  • A Klaucke 17. Kitted with a suppressor and extended magazine. Used for assorted things (killing ticks, finishing off nearly dead bots, CQC with seekers, etc).

As far as consumables, I used to carry a gas tank or two regularly, until the inventory slot cost of using them to destroy relay beacons started to outweigh the cost of a half dozen 7.62 rounds to do the same thing. Now, I mostly just carry grenades, flares, and medkits (and a stack of lock picks).

@ahferroin7 Me neither. I’m lvl. 18, and have completed the Archipelago, South Coast and Farmlands regions. Just got started on Mountains and cleared out Uttern yesterday.

I’m finding enough .50 BMG ammo now to get rid of the .270 if I want to, but you can’t silence the .50, and a silenced .270 is nice for taking out a pack of Runners at medium-long range. It’s really hard to decide upon one of them. (BTW, one shot of .50 BMG takes out a relay beacon. :+1:)

I guess at this point, I’m finding about 30% less 5,56 ammo, compared to 7,62. I think I’ll settle for the AI-76 and leave the AK5 for now.

I have both Klaucke and Magnus handguns, and both are 5 crowns. I was hoping the .44 Magnus would feel more powerful, but it doesn’t. It won’t destroy a runner in 1 shot unless you hit the fuel tank, and it’s slow to use, so I’ll switch back to the Klaucke 17, I think.

I keep dragging those gas tanks around, but rarely use them anymore. Before the may update i seem to remember that just 1 well placed gas tank would kill a prototype Harvester or a pack of military Hunters. That doesn’t seem to work anymore, so I should just drop them…

Outdoors my combo is the .270 and Ak4/Ak5 depending on my ammo inventory. In a bunker I prefer Shotgun and smg. I have a 50 cal but I save that for long distance attacks on tanks and hunters. And rocket launcher for closer attacks on big machines. All weapon are 5 star except hunting rifle and smg. Almost nerver use my side arm.

This is my more or less current loadout.

AG5 + 1-4x(+IR) + extended mag + extended barrel
.270 + 6-12x(+IR) + suppressor
HP5 + extended mag + compensator
.50 + 6-12x(+IR) + extended mag
Klaucke + extended mag + suppressor

My primary is usually HP5, and the rest is at the secondary slot depending on situation.
Klaucke is barely used by me.

I have no idea where you find all that ammunition. I have to spend an hour after every engagement retracing my steps to every safe “Safe House” and end up with 35 rounds for my .270, 25 buckshot, 35 birdshot, 8 solid slugs (which don’t seem to work much better than buckshot), 200 9mm smg, 6 dual purpose and 220 7.62. With that I have to take on every thing I find going forward. Fighting tanks of any kind is more or less out of the question, since I have to finish them off with a pistol.

Now that they all respawn shiny and new every time you reboot, you must finish them off if you take them on at all.

I am on the South Coast.

I’ve never seen a shotgun choke. I even saw someone on Youtube find one lying on a shelf, but it wasn’t there when I was there, or when I went back.

Take the Salvage perk, you’ll find a lot more ammo in boxes and on enemies. I’m pretty sure it applies to explosives as well, yesterday I walked out of the Hermelinen Bunker with 12 landmines and 15 grenades.

Later I also killed a Class 2 Tank that dropped a whopping 32 HEDP rounds.


You can’t just buy it! You have to earn it. There are some things I wish I hadn’t bought, but they seemed a good idea at the time - “Firing from the hip” cost me two hard-won skill points and I hit nothing from the hip, even though I am used to fighting that way in Half-Life. The binoculars cost me two points and half the time it can’t see the machine to identify it until I am so close that i can see, and range is impossible to judge, but given my time over, i wouldn’t bother - I don;t even carry binos any more - use my rifle scope.

So there’s four points gone - I’ve just bought another line on my storage, giving me four lines. I still haven’t manage to buy lock-picking, which is next, but I can’t get to that without buying, is it, gas resistance (which I don’t presently need)? So I’ll be fighting for several days/weeks to get to lock picks and then I might look for Salvage, which is no doubt two or three points to get to. I shan’t be there for weeks. In the meantime I have what I listed. I can see how much easier it would be with what you’ve loaded out with!

Until then, keeping on topic and all; I recommend a good primary weapon like the AI-76 (ammo for it is pretty common after all), the standard 12G Pump-action for weaker enemies, and any sidearm of your choosing. Don’t worry about taking enemies head-on, wage guerilla war against the Machines at your own pace until you feel badass enough to take on Tanks single-handedly.

use the kpist as backup , and the ak47 as i get lots of ammo for it from hunters, glock without silencer as sidearm , and shotgun as backup also, this is a good combo for close range , i let my coop friend do the long range shots if he can kill them before i have gone rambo at them

My ”primary” weapons are:

  • Automatgevär 5; silencer, ext mag, 4-8 scope, OPV+IR, both FMJ and AP.
  • Sjöqvist; choke, going with buckshots and slugs (gave up birdshots a long time ago).

Also using the Älgstudsare a lot; silencer, 6-12 scope, OPV+IR, both SP and AP.

Got rid of my beloved Müller (to get room with more ammo for the other guns) and just got a .44 Magnus a side arm. This is armed with a silencer, handgun scope (1-4 I believe) and OPV+NV.

I also have a Pansarvärnsgevär equipped with a 8-16 scope, OPV+IR and ext mag.

On top of that I’m packin’ a Granatgevär.

I might drop the .50 cal in a near future, hardly ever use it (and I could surely use the space). Works just as well with the Sjöqvist. And since it has the long range scope I have used it as a sniper but for those occasions I have the .270, so…

Currently haven’t found any SPECIAL tier weapons yet, but almost all of them are EXCEPTIONAL. Goal is to put a OPV+IR+NV on all scopes and bino and to put an extension on the AG 5 instead of the silencer.

Other than that I try to have as many flares and/or sticky flares, grandes and gas canisters or fuel cells as I possibly can (though it can’t be that much with all the ammo I have…) :blush:

I only recently got the .50 cal, but I’ve found it to be somewhat better at dealing with big enemies (and you can one-shot relay beacons with it, and I think prototype hunters too). Takes fewer shots to destroy tank components than the .270 does (less than 1/3 the number of shots usually). It’s also the only thing that can mount the 8-16 scope, which is kind of a big deal since being fully scoped in with that seems to give you near perfect accuracy (as far as I can tell, higher magnification increases your accuracy in-game, yet another thing the devs got wrong (and could have easily researched to get right)).

I personally take an AR (preferably the auto-5), a shotgun, and the .270 sniper. As far as attachments I mostly use the highest rarity stuff I find. I find the rocket cheap to use personally. I like the extra challenge of taking things down with their weak points.

I usually carry a bunch of flares but I prefer fireworks if I can find them (I just find about 10x as many flares as I do fireworks). The only explosives I carry are grenades but I do occassionally pick up a gas tank + radio combo for dishing out a large amount of damage before the fight begins. Like against a patrol of hunters (my arch nemesis).

I like the HP5 but I find it’s lack of damage compared to an AR not worth the space or the bullets. They are fun to use but it takes way too many bullets to kill anything with it personally.

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Yeah, I really don’t want get rid of the .50 but one has to prioritize :wink: Won’t just drop it though, I’m gonna put it in one of my other characters inventory :grimacing:

My loadout is a bit mixed up at the moment, there are weapons I am not really using but have loads of ammo for so I dont want to drop them. Since reading posts on this forum I located the Exception AI-76 which I think Xezr wrote about (appologies if it was someone else) which I find is a really mean weapon, drops them like flies.


I prefer the Exceptional Auto 4 which is more powerful, more stable, and more accurate, also with a slightly slower rate of fire which means that they die more cheaply. I only found it yesterday, but thought about it all night, like a kid with a new toy…

Is there an Auto 4 five crowns anywhere in the game?