What is your favorite clothing style? (New clothing requests?)

Personally, I love rocking the gnome masks and would love to see more of them (as well as a clear way of how to hunt them down).

So, more unique gnome masks, and not just the palette swaps, would be very welcome here!


I’ve been mixing combinations of clothes back and forth since release. Never really found “my style” and stuck with it, until now. I have 1 male and 1 female character, and I’ve ended up with a Biker/Rocker kind of style for both of them. I’m happy with how they both look now. :blush:


That are my main Charakters

The first one is Ulf Kellerson (aka. Helldiver)

He is wearing different styles. Now he is Steampunk fashioned. Sometimes he wears the Experimental Clothing

And the second Charakter is Amelie Devereux.
Normaly she wears a tough New Wave Punk style. Now in accordance to Helldiver she wears a
Steampunk outfit. She moans a little that she has no lace gloves.


I also would like an outfit that’s a mix between Tank Girl and Pippi Longstocking. Like, cut off jean shorts with mismatching long socks (one with stripes) and a stuffed monkey toy strapped to the leg. A cut off tank top. A helmet with a lot of stickers and a pair of goggles pulled up. The jacket would be an ammo west. Stripey armwarmers and lots of bracelets from conserts. A messenger bag with lots of patches. And a matching, massive gun that looks like someone cobbled it together from robot parts.

Gloves and boots that exist in the game will suffice.

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This is Helldivers usual outfit. The green camouflage Experimental suit. Because that he is a Rolling Stones Fan, he wears a Stones Patch.

“Please to meet you, hope you guess my name…”

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This doesn’t fall into the line of GZ’s age rating (ESRB Teen, PEGI 12) and i don’t think we need sexual content in the game. Since to add that to the game, GZ’s age ratings are needed to lift one level up.

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These are my two favourite outfits so far! They’re also in the character profile I wrote for Alicia, my character, which can be found here! Character Biography

I would like to have either blue Experimental pants or a gray Experimental jacket so that this last outfit matches, but these still work well together. Also would like to have Experimental boots and gloves. but I don’t have any yet.

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Having clothing with skin showing wouldn’t really make sense. Not only does it not fall into line with GZ’s age rating like Aesyle stated, it also doesn’t feel like it neccessarily works with the style of the game itself, because it focuses on realism. The game is set at a time of year in Sweden when it is absolutely not warm enough to wear shorts. I mean, it takes place during the winter months. Wearing short shorts would be incredibly impractical if not outright suicidal since you’d die of frostbite very quickly.

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Speaking of it, this is me when 1st playing Alpine Unrest DLC:

All warm and cozy :blush: + fitting to the setting.

Not quite.

Some people even ski/snowboard in their bikinis or completely topless but that’s their choice.


I have absolutely no clue how much you’ve played the game, but while the game kinda has that late-summer vibe at the very start, it does take place in November. The game does feature snow and rain. Certainly not a climate for shorts.
While I do think the game could feature slightly hotter outfits, I don’t think cosplay-worthy outfits would fit the vibe of the game.


Don’t forget your Ski boots.

She didn’t, nice touch.

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By ski boots I hope you simply mean warm, winter-climate boots. Because actual pjäxor are designed to provide sturdiness and stability while you’re skiing; they’re those giant, sort-of-plastic-armoured things you attach directly to your skis. Pjäxor would be rather impractical to wear outside of actual skiing considering how heavy and bulky they are.

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By the looks of it, we have those in the game. They look nice but would look even better with skis. :slight_smile:

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@Snipergirl I’m one of those guys who gladly wears a t-shirt at +12°C, but that outfit seems a bit thin for winter warfare, or not? :wink:

I also agree with @Aesyle that we don’t need sexualized content in a game like this. :+1:

As a man, I would feel pretty embarrassed to create a female character and make her run around in a bikini. I know some guys (looking at you, modders) enjoy doing that in other games, and in my honest opinion that’s just childish AF…


It all depends on how skimpy the clothing is.

E.g some Google-Fu and this outfit, to match what you’re talking about, would suit GZ just fine: :slightly_smiling_face:

Showing cleavage (your pic) is only for arousement of men (and some women). It is in no way practical. And when it comes to hiking, wearing long sleeved clothing is better since it protects the wearer better against insect bites and cuts from shrubs.


I’m simple i see khaki and M60=

Each game now feel like a “Search&Destroy” in Nam but it’s Sweden :smiley:

Perhaps some US Military Clothing in future^^


Well taking the event of GZ that “Sweden” long gone gone and become a Warzone.
side note Sweden was among first allowing female to serve :slight_smile:

So imo civillian or military if you was in game itself you’re quickly drag a helmet and whatever camouflage clothing your find around and warms cloth etc

I don’t say we can’t have short things like that but imo that will make little sense and as a girl myself too i have to agree that yes i dosn’t matter what your wearing if you have a girl name but that topic have a other place than here.

I don’t say that you have wear military clothing in your game it’s up to you^^ But for the PEGI rating you can show blood and such things but when it’s comes to sexualize content or offending one you’re taking the rating to a superior level and GZ do not belong among those games.

Pretty late to argue but i felt i have to share my opinion on the matter and hope it will help.

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Yes, there are. However, that doesn’t mean that people went swimming in the middle of the Winter. The camp areas are there all around the year, where in summer time, people can swim and during winter time, they can enjoy the scenery, among other thigns. E.g: :fishing_pole_and_fish: :ice_skate: :sled: :curling_stone:

This is something to be asked from the devs.
In time, players have asked plethora of different questions about why they can’t do this or that in the world of GZ.

When lore advances to summer time, perhaps then we also get shorter, summer apparel. :slight_smile:

While camo clothing appeals to the eye, in lore and game mechanics standpoint, it is only for eyecandy. It doesn’t have any practical value.

Camo clothing (including camo on a weapon) only makes the clothing (or weapon) itself harder to spot for human eye. But when to consider the machine optics, where machines use either Low Light, IR or OPV to see you, it doesn’t matter which color your weapon or clothing is, since camo doesn’t have any effect on visibility reduction, on machine optics standpoint.

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Formal, suit, tie, top hat

Personally I’d like the ability to remove the jacket to better show off some of the undershirts, as well as the option to adjust where some accessories appear on the body, I.E.: have glasses resting on forehead, or tucked into collar of undershirt, as well as pick which wrist watches go on, ect.