What kit do you guys rock in the field?

Don’t know what else to do/write about. Post what your guys characters look like here:

Here’s my guy:


Ever since clothes lost their buffs this is my robot-ass-kicking girl :yum:

And an updated (post may patch) version:


my name is Mac.
I like jack daniels , fire fights with 800 rounds of ammo, and blowing sh*t up.
sometimes i talk to my guns.
the only thing i hate more than yogurt eating hippies , is these robots tryna take over things.


My main is a greaser named Roffe (slang name for Rolf). He hails from Norrland and came down to visit a friend who promised him a few days of boating and relaxing in the archipelago. The Machines blew up Bettan, his old car, and now he’s out for revenge.

My alt is a Punk called Eva. She lives on the island, skipped on mandatory military service and got jailed for eight months. Screw authority! She planned on taking her BFF and leave, when the Machines invaded.


well ya’ll have already seen mine in the other post but here my main which is a technician; no rp stuff for me im not creative enough for it :sweat_smile:


and @Zesiir we have similar alt’s :smiley: but here’s my mule, currently making him into a vanguard to see how that rolls



My new character as I rage quit the first one and deleted it, Got in to a fire fight I couldn’t win, 3 seekers which I couldn’t get to and they just kept calling the hunters in, I used all my med kits, ammo and rage quit like a little kid. :sob:
I’m hoping at some point they will add some nice brightly coloured shell suits, NICE!


Been watching your videos on YouTube, keep up the good work man :call_me_hand:
All the best

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ayyy thank you my dude! :smiley: cheers!

My dudes rocking a blue shirt and blue hat to match my screen atm

Pretty much went with what I’d wear :rofl: