What purpose do the Relay Beacons have (if any)

OK I haven’t seen this asked before.

Apart from the obvious quest/credit what does destroying them actually do?

I had come to the conclusion that I was less likely to get as may bots in that area or their attack waves may be smaller, however after destroying a couple last night they seemed to flood the area for the next 30 minutes or so.

Do the Relay Beacons actually have any effect as they would be a great way of affeting the behaviour of robots in that area (as a network specialist I would like to think they do)

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you get that radio off of them that you can use to create a temporary fast travel spot. good for those able to play multiplayer so their friend can get to them easier

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good for XP and the field radio can also be used to good effect by placing it before you go into combat in case you die and cant revive yourself, that way you can get back to the fighting quickly after respawning :wink:

I think the relay beacon is meant to relay machine communication and establish a command and control grid for them (my narrative speculation) :stuck_out_tongue:
I dont think they actually do anything game-mechanic wise though

Just that field radio you can take but people say use it as a fast travel if you die but I tries this and it only allowed me to travel to safe houses. Not sure if it is a bug (sad we have to assume that everytime something is weird) but that strat was a no go for me.

@Highmonkey94 not sure if i know what you mean but you spawn at a safe house of your choosing after you die and then fast travel to the radio you or one of your group members placed.
But if you cant choose fast travel when you click on a field radio icon on the map yeah that would seem to be a bug then, i have just not heard of such a bug before

I meant that a field radio is not a respawn point after death only a fast travel point. If you die you can only spawn at safe houses.

ok no issue then :smiley: happy hunting :sunny:

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Yeah sorry the 1st way I worded that was garbage lol

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From what I have noticed they seem to generally attract more machines in the areas as well. As soon as I have destroyed a relay beacon and gone back to that same spot I usually have noticed fewer machines in the general area and less tougher enemies like tanks and harvesters

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Yeah when die after dropping field radio go safehouse then go to radio