What’s in apartment above the Post Office?

Have you ever wondered what’s in the apartment above the post office?!
Let me put your mind to rest …Absolutely nothing! :unamused:
I don’t know what I was hoping for, maybe a congregation of garden gnomes plotting against humanity, maybe some dead bodies in weird poses, just something!! Avalanche I’m a little disappointed in you, after all that effort getting up there …just nothing :disappointed:

If you want to get something from seemingly inaccessible location then look at this building’s 2nd floor:

Getting on the roof and looking through the small window here:

You can see dead person (resistance memeber?) in there, who you could loot, if you could get inside the building:

OPV for better view:


Alright so, I’ve had a word with the higher echelons and the consensus is this;

Using the Field Radio to reach areas that are otherwise unreachable by means of normal gameplay is not allowed to be discussed on the forums, because it falls within exploit territory.

Like so, reaching areas not achievable by normal gameplay like, launching yourself with gas canisters to the other islands is also prohibited from being discussed on the boards.

However, simply climbing or parkouring to explore rooftops and the post office above, is fine.

Posts concerning these exploits have been removed.


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