What’s the rarest trophy you’ve got so far ps4/Xbox/pc


I got this one a couple of nights back and i’m Thinking ps4 has a very small player base, I couldn’t believe only 1.6% of players had completed 25 missions!
And if anyone has any tips on shooting an enemy from 300 metres, I’m trying but no joy :thinking:


My rarest Steam achievement is " It’s The Final Countdown - Complete all Warboard Missions." - 0,6%


It’s really that low, Maybe ps4 hasn’t got a small player base then.
Cheers for sharing :call_me_hand:


The reason it’s so rare is because we are stuck with mission breaking bugs and cannot progress


LOL :joy:
I know there’s a few, I walked into a room in a bunker the other day and there was 3 flying printers, I thought myself you don’t see that every day.
But seriously give them a chance.
All the best!



I gave them a chance when I spent £29.99 on their game :sob:


I get what your saying, I felt the same when things became very clear on day one of purchase there was problems.
But I like the world they’ve created And I think they will sort it out, If no mans sky can turn it around, These people definitely can, It just might take a while.
every time things break. Woo Sa :v:


2+ months of consistent bug report, of the exact same bugs and glitches day in and day out, and look what today’s patch brought us… absolutely NOTHING in terms of any bug fixes, and more than half the forums I read are people who can’t even play their game anymore, just crashes when they try to load in. They’ve had more than enough time for us to ‘give them a chance’ and prove where their priorities are, but here we are, with a new camera mode, removed head bobbing, and a more populated starting island, of which most people can’t even try out cause the game won’t work… lol. Major OOF!


i’m quite patient, And i’m Sure you are to, I’ve bought some trash games in my time, My first computer was a commadore 64, Back in the day when games were on cassettes and they took an hour to load. Fun times.
Obviously you can’t refund but you can take a break and revisit the game in a few months, It’s what i’m Thinking of doing.
All the best anyway


Yea, well I’m patient, until I see where the devs of said game stand in terms of fixing bugs> adding new content. And you can in fact refund, Microsoft policy says you can refund digital copies but some producers don’t allow refunds over 14 days from the day it was bought. Anyhow, this is a new policy, as when I bought PUBG for Xbox like over a year ago I was able to refund it after owning it for more than 2 weeks, then re bought it at a later date after many patches and updates were applied. Also a couple other games I was able to refund. I think someone also mentioned that Steam offers refunds as well.


Next update, “ Added a cat to the opening island”

And we are working on the issue with glitched missions, constant crashing, fram rate drop an so on.

It’s al about priority, I mean who really wants to be available to continue the progress in the story when you now have the opportunity to take a photo before the game crash.