What to do after the main storyline

Hi, I have found a new goal after the main quest and after completing all gnomes etc. I guess I am not alone nor the first one but I have not read any threads about it.

I gave a clear roleplaying profile to each of my mule characters and I wander with them in the world solo or MP to level their skills.

I equipped them with my best weapons that do not use my main character and composed three new weapon combos. Each character including the main has four or three weapons and I have employed ALL the weapon types of in the game eg one guy has 12 pump, another one Sjogren etc.
Of course these combos, I do not like them very much as I picked up my preferred for my main. They DO NOT EXCHANGE their weapons and I try to learn how to play within this choices.

I find it quite refreshing and roleplaying. So I have now:

  • a guy who will be a tank, going up with the combat skills right branch and a couple toughening skills from the survival, like health, steady etc.
  • a damage doer lady levelling combat skills left branch and probably explosives,
  • a medic girl improving the right branch of support skills and maybe going to full support profile if I play more MP.
  • My main guy is stealth and partially engineer with some inevitable errors.

I’d be happy to have some comments from you about this.

sounds fun and like a good idea.
will try after i complete the story

After finishing the game and collecting all the collectables I am trying to decide what to be doing next.

I think I will be trying to get my main character to level 31 by hunting tanks (and trying to avoid all other fights.)

After that I haven’t a clue other than getting the 3rd bike type