What to do now?

Deleted my old save due to broken main quests that never gets fixed, started a new, steamrolled trough the map, got all the quests done and in the process got all weapons i wanted in gold along with all parts.

Now i cba to login since there is nothing i feel like doing. is this what i paid 35$ for?

Oh well, i guess ill play something else until they release new content, that prolly is broken as hell and they want us to help them fix it. >.<


Yep… and think about it this way, unless they actually add new house designs and robots and other things, the “new content” will be basically the exact same also… even if they add these things, I don’t think it would be enough to drastically make the game different at all really… and to me, it seems they’re focusing on all the wrong things go add/fix right now when like hundreds of people have been constantly reporting the same bugs for a while now, and they just add a camera and remove head bobbing along with some other pointless additions in this next update coming…

Yes agree …im loving the game but I’m very close to finishing the game and now don’t want to play so much because I’m thinking nothing left to do if I do but start all over again and dont want to do that tbh

I’m in the same position. I’m level 26 and almost done with the game. Wish the update was going to introduce some new content for their seasoned players who are running out of things to do.


Same here. I have my fears that “new” DLC will be more of the same old stuff. Pretty sad. Level 28, completed 71 missions, then did the last 13 by looking at the walkthroughs for each of them and then doing those requirements. I guess I “broke” the system by just roaming around a few times and killing machines and that screwed up how missions were introduced.

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I some times compare the investment in games with movie tickets (around €5/hour), beer (€10/hour) or similar activities.

With around 120 hours of GZ playtime I’m down to €0.3/hour which is fairly acceptable price to pay for the entertainment.

So entertainment hours per €/£/$ isn’t that bad for the game.


To be fair this is the same with every game out there. Once its done its done… That is why i drag these games out as long as i can. Im still playing RDR2 which i bought in november last year and im just now close to finishing it.

When it comes to GZ i now just concentrate on having fun taking down robots and not caring too much about the missions. I would like to see some patches anyway to fix the numerous bugs that the world missions have before i start on them.


I started again hoping they add new things soon and very soon