What's happening outside Sweden?

So with the addition of the “mail” bottles we can figure out that the latest note was written on the 13th of March 1990 which sets the events of Resistance to begin on the 14th of march.

That’s 124 days after this whole Machine invasion began, that’s 124 days with NATO and the Soviet doing mostly nothing well we know what the Soviets have been up to but what about NATO?

I initially thought that resistance was taking place during January but since it’s in fact 2 months later I want to see some more action from outside Sweden.

Some ideas I had that i’m kinda upset that sin’t in the game is Airdrops or crashed Soviet and/or NATO helicopters, this would have been a more lore friendly way to find and obtain weapons from the US and Soviet weapons pack, where you acquire/would have acquired the FMTEL stations and also be where new items and objects important for new mechanics were introduced.

This would indicate that the powers outside are engaged and trying to figure out how to bring an end to the situation in Sweden.

This could also be a type of assignment, to either protect (defeat machines around) an already landed airdrop or defeat a specific machine in order to make it safe for a plane or a helicopter to drop supplies.

for the helicopter crashes i was thinking that these would be timed events and the helicopter would spawn at random crash sites and de-spawn after some time has passed and the player('s) are to far away, just like in some mods to DayZ
The crashed helicopters variants that appear could be,
From the US/NATO side

  1. Boeing CH-47 Chinook

  2. Bell UH-1 Iroquois

And from the Soviet side

  1. Mil Mi-8

  2. Mil Mi-24

At least just add some faint helicopter sounds now and then coming from the south-east or a naval destroyer in the distance so that we can see that either the west or east block maybe both are watching. because 4 months should be enough time for the both sides of the cold war to figure out that something is happening and, if not already gathering, at least start to gather intel in order to prepare for an operation.

Based on the story timeline

Main story spoiler

It was back in late november perhaps early desember that we made contact with the Russians and acquired the device to destroy the FNIX main computer in FOA 5

At this point that’s starting to be some time
what happened to the cold war? has the east and west put their differences aside and started working together, like they did during World War 2, to solve the crisis in Sweden or is it reheating the cold war since Soviet, which is about 2 years away from completely collapsing, decided to secretly negotiate with FNIX to reestablish control and bring back peace, freedom, justice and security to my new Emp… I mean the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

What does NATO feel about the dead Soviet ground troops in Östertörn? maybe NATO even agreed to it while they were focusing more on the west side of Sweden, working from Norway and Denmark?

I realise that this leans more towards feedback/feature requests
but I just want to say I wish to see more of the geopolitical picture in Europe going forward.

[source] All links and images are taken from wikipedia


I too was wandering why there aren’t any helicopters. Didn’t the Swedish forces had none?

Those airdrops (whether they are just protection assignments or have real loot) would make for an interesting activity. I mean the devs could implement even more European and American weapons this way. Since a lot of time has already passed I think a bit more geopolitical influence sounds nice indeed. Good idea!

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I was thinking real loot but perhaps both could work

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