What's in the crash report?



I been trying to figure out what information is provided in the crash dumps but the XML file was very basic and the dump file is pretty unreadable without reverse engineering.

So my question is what important information should we provide in the free text field on crash reports?

Do you need to get information about multiplayer, host or guest? Number of players?

Location on the map?

Hardware information?

If we get more information on what you need we might be able to resolve bugs faster and easier than today.


No response from the dev-team?


Devs have all the tools to read this dump and trace the call stack down to the line of code caused the crash. It’s not supposed to be human readable


Pretty much spot-on, what @OlegAn said. As for what you can add in the free text field, try to give a description of how and when the crash occurred, the platform you’re playing on, system specs etc. The more details the better, the devs have confirmed that they do go through every single crash report sent.


I asked my question in order to get more information on the dump file content.

Depending on what it contains I can skip mentioning things like location, mission, enemies nearby, single player, multiplayer, client or host , graphics driver/card and so on.

With a bit more information about what already in it and what’s isn’t can really help giving a good bug report.

The XML that are sent gave a few clues but it was very limited in contents compared with what I expected to see.