Whats up with the new Forum UI/dashboard/menu

Everytime I go to the page all my old notifications look like they are all “unread”
Now even the Forum is buggy :sunglasses: :rofl: :joy:


I noticed this, too.


At least there are no crashes as of now :joy: :rofl: :rofl: :eyes:

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It crashed or was offline for a few hours the other day.

It hasn’t happened to me, until now.

You are joking right?
The forum page crashed? :sweat_smile:

PS: Im not talking about the main game menu guys…

I had no access to GZ forum and was getting a site not found message or something like that.

I did not report it due to it is possible there was a break somewhere on my end but none of my other regular sites were having any issues. GZ forum would be the only one from Sweden.

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Iirc, there was an update done to the forums a few days ago, which also includes why the forums went down for a few hours on Wednesday.


As carni told me, it wasn’t expected that it took so long. Otherwise there would have been an announcement.

I’m using the forum on my mobile/Smartphone.
I also noticed that the existing screen now goes to füll screen. I have to reduced the Keyboard if I want to go to a previous post for quoting it.

But in total it works fine for me.

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Can confirm, forums have been updated to Discourse’s latest version. They were down for a bit at first due to a technical error, but should run much smoother now.