What's your Max XP gained at once?


I just visited Stenmyra Church which was surrounded by 5 rivals lvl4, 2 tanks, 1 Harv and 2 hunters.
Managed to lure in the two tanks and all hell broke loose. The other rivals joined in pretty soon, besides other dogs, hunters and seekers. After a long, long fight and a lot of med kits fewer every one of them had to bite the dust.
I received 8265 XP. Can’t remember I ever got more than 6800 XP at once before, so I reckon this is my record.
Anyone gained 10k+ XP at once?


Funny, I never looked at these things…
I could not really care, the rest is more interesting to me. :slight_smile:

So, I can’t answer here, sir…


I will agree you on that. I have done everything else in this game, so just grinding the last 3 characters to Max lvl, so as much XP as possible at once helps a lot :blush:
And just curious how much XP is actually possible to gain in one fight…


One person has gained more than 9000+ XP from single battle (unofficial XP record of GZ) and it was posted in this forum as well but i don’t remember the topic name and thus, couldn’t find it.

But the highest you can gain from single mission (The Command Bunker Network) is 5600 XP, if you have Inquisitive Mind lvl2 skill. Else-ways, missions usually give 2000 XP with Inquisitive Mind lvl2 skill or 1000 XP without that skill at all.


We’re all curious beings, good sir… :wink:
So, good on you to ask… only then one learns… I see it as a sign of intellect.


Thanks Aesyle.
I suspected it would be over 9000 XP, because I once in Garphammer I got about 6500 XP and a few seconds later I was engaged in a “new” fight which gave me over 3000 XP…so if the game wasn’t too quick to give me the first XP I would have reached well beyond 9000 XP :wink:


My record is a little over 8000 if I remember correctly.
This was from fighting the armada of military class machines that sometimes gather around the gas station just west of Sävered Church. That time the amount of machines there was a bit extraordinary. More and more tanks and harvesters were coming in constantly. The fight just went on, and on, and on…

Everyone should try going to that area if they haven’t already!
Bring lots of ammo… :wink:


Aah…Bockhyttan is very often producing some huge fights and a deadly
place, had to retreat a few times …
Pre April update on PS4, and an another save, my record was 12 harvs and 2 tanks + a lot of dogs fighting them out in the open on the nearby hill…nowadays that is impossible.


Mine was roughly 6,500ish. Was intense and great.