When building base defense & the green squares

when building base defense :face_with_monocle: the Green squares where you can place building, what if the entire game was a huge Board Game & those Green squares were can walk at the roll of the dice :game_die: , the enemy makes a move, can shoot or move, then your turn, or just designing your base defense with these rules, like a mini game

all in the map there are cards on the tables, maybe solitarie or blackjack mini games :neutral_face: or better gwent from witcher 3, just characters from generation zero like patrick, veronika & robots instead of people on the cards and same rules apply, maybe the cards are collected from robots and are lost to multiplayer if you lose

when playing 3 hunter cards & 1 disable card :slightly_smiling_face: you disable guns etc etc etc

Are you suggesting a base-building minigame? But why??? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

I’m guessing that he suggests tabletop games with GZ as topic. A board game, a card game…
I would have loved something like lego instead. :man_shrugging:

there are maybe 1000 board games at Toys r Us, and only maybe 3 that get turned into PS4 digital board games, & I hate :angry: monopoly, same with card games, uno is alright but I want something funner, like Generation Zero board game or card game turned into PS4 digital board game with Generation Zeros theme & characters etc etc etc

Lego made Harry potter, Batman, and others on PS4, why not, Lego generation zero, :slightly_smiling_face: that would be interesting