When comes the new update?

come the update in some days ?
We need more stuff for searching please.

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Nobody really knows. I am hoping the devs bring us something new before this year is over.

Based on what was said during the weekly stream, the plan is to release the Resistance Update for Xbox this month. Probably towards the end of November. After that the devs can get back to releasing updates at a more stable schedule.

I hope that during the standstill, the devs have finished other new projects and queued them up for release soon. I’m thinking of region revamps and such. :wink:


Yeah, that would be nice. :+1:


Would be very nice!

Hope all work is not just on Xbox update, the way news releases are being worded that is what is happening. Why would a company allow players to abandon the game, tired of waiting for updates and the same old game play, on other platforms in hopes on an Xbox update? Seems any updates for the other platforms would be released when ready to retain more players and hopes for more new players on THOSE platforms. But looks like all the eggs are in the same basket with the eggs getting broken. With all hope on one egg to keep the game going and it’s cracked!

As a loyal PC user of the game, I have a feeling of being abandoned.


I remember that in a dev letter they stated that they were ahead of schedule so I believe that we will get an update as soon as resistance is out on Xbox.

While I too feel a bit abandoned it would be WAY worse for Xbox players if pc and ps would move on without them. I imagine being one update behind everyone else is painful so Xbox being two or three updates behind? That would really feel like abandonment.
I would guess that if Xbox fails for November, pc and ps would still get an update for December.

It has been stated befor that while those who can work on the xbox thing are working on it, all the other members are working on future stuff or other things. Makes no sense to have a bunch of people doing nothing.

We have seen this with the feature reveales they have done, the weapon packs, weapon wheel, and plundra upgrade.

In the October 1st Letter they state that they are getting ahead of the cruve on toher areas and that a content update they were working on is almost ready for it’s own testing. This isintended to releases as closely as possible for when xbox gets Resistance.


Thanks, guys (lolex500 and MarkNcheese42) for helping me see a different perspective! Last few weeks I have been playing like I am reading a shampoo bottle with wash, rinse, repeat while farming for a reaper, spawning a reaper, destroy a reaper, repeat.

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Same for me.
I’ve been farming Reapers, Halloween-stuff and experimental blueprints just hoping the new update will arrive. It’s like waiting for christmas from december 1st on, since it was announced that the update will arrive in November.

Just a little news-update about the progress and if they are still in time with their plans would be nice.

It’s a little bit frustrating… So I keep on farming and so on.

Oh, I have a feeling they’ve been busy :male_detective:


I think so to!
And i hope so

I like everyone else I guess are waiting, I really hope for some communication on the future plans for the game, I’ve always loved this game I have a break from it come back and see the potential, it’s massive, really hoping for some clarity and I do feel for Xbox players at present ! Let’s hope :+1::+1:

Looks like Xbox update is coming in the 30th of November https://twitter.com/genzerogame .

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I hope so and I’m waiting for it too

Now that the X Box update has been released, and repaired, we can expect an update soon for the rest of the platforms?

Or for all the platforms?
Or are this too much updates for the xbox-community for now? :rofl:

I Agree I would be extremely annoyed if us x box players were left behind for a second time.
If there is to be any new update I hope all 3 versions of the game can go back to updating at the same time

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Dont worry, now pc players will be left behind…

  • PS4 players waited from April 2020 to the 5th of November 2020.
  • Xbox players 1 more month than PS4 players this year.
    So now, its pc players turn to wait xD

PS: This is intended as a joke.

Well, since the Xbox update released the public co-op games are full of cheaters. Last few days it is near impossible to get in an honest game of Gen Zero. What is the chance of something being done about all the skill mods used in the public games? Will Gen Zero ever become a VAC game?

Just left a game where a player was banned a few times from VAC games. I know I can boot players from my own map but that takes from my experience of the game, playing bouncer at to keep my game from being wiped out of all the rivals or worse.