When did Mountains Region get a revamp

Which update included the Mountains Region revamp - for instance with clearing of forest around Angerås Church, and also the inclusion of specific cosmetic glasses? (Coordinates -3910,1109)

I don’t remember Mountains Region revamp from the patch notes… :thinking:

As far as I know there never was an official revamp of mountains region.

I’ll have to take a look by myself, but what I see in your screenshots “always” was like that for me.
There never was much wood close western of Angeras Church. There are these small walls, fences and those round hills.

The location where you get the funny glasses was like that 2 years ago, too.

I just know the changes at Kilsberget which seemed to be for preparing this place for a control point. That was about with the changes for southcoast region.

I remember this area as more dense forest earlier (to the North of Angerås Church) - but I may be mistaken. I also realized that the glasses have been there for a long time, but I never found them before.

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