When did this get here?

You can still get that tho, provided the area isnt changed, at the fields east of Lilla Hammarnas as loads of tanks spawn with 3 wolves and a harvy.

Even if I can get my primary account back, I think I am gonna do a full restart of the campaign anyways. The only part I will really miss is the apparel and the ~30 Firework Boxes, and all my Emotes.

With all of the new content that has been and is going to be added, it might be best to start again. It is more challenging anyways. Funner too.

I feel like when you get to max level, the game is just too easy. Even the Reaper on Guerilla.

I kinda wanna play through with just the new bow. :sunglasses:

Oh, and while I’m here, I might as well cast a stone at GZ.

I have yet to meet even a remotely attractive woman in GZ.

I mean cmon, they are hideous! It’s like Generation Zero is now a true horror game! :scream:

But okay, I’ll stop there

Like if you agree!!!

Not entirely true. I met my girlfriend on this game about 2 and a half months ago. I can verify that she is very beautiful.


Ok, you know I meant NPCs. But thx for calling that out.

You don’t think Anita is beautiful!?!? Fair point, she isn’t.

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Okay, I have been able to login to GZ. This time when I launched the game, the music was not glitchy and I was taken to a page that asked me to login to my Avalanche Apex Account. After a few guesses at my password, I sucessfully logged in to the main menu.

I selected characters to see if all 3 of my characters were still intact. All 3 are still here.

I hit continue and am able to successfully join the world. I travel to my main base on Tyloveden. All of my stryctures are still here.

And then, it happened. I noticed that something was different about it. My finger nails were bright pink! I immediately accessed the apparel crafting station to look at my character.

I was a girl!

Somehow the appearance of my 3rd character has been swapped with my main one. My main character now has the appearance of my 3rd but all of his previous skills. I guess my character decided to try being trans for a while. God I hope this is not permanent. I will have to recruit a therapist to try and set him straight.

I quickly log off and check the character selection menu. Yep, same thing here.

I quit the game and launch it again. Hoping that there is still hope for him.

Upon login, I found that my main character is still a girl. Great.

I guess I’ll just have to create a new character or just make this one sexy chic and play that way.

Someone tell me if you have a fix for this.

It’s a known issue.
If you select another character in the selection but then press back and continue your game, your current character (optic) is overwritten by the last selected.

Try to make it again but then select your first character at last, turn back and press continue. Maybe it works.

Yup, here is a detaild description:


Yep, thats exactly what i did. I am doing a reinstall in the hope that itwill fix itself

It’s in the save files. Reinstalling the game won’t do a thing.

yeah, I found that out the hard way. I have not been able to talk my character down, it seems “it” is permanently screwed up. I guess I’ll have to execute it.