When falling into the water you cannot escape

When falling into the water you cannot escape. I just keep bobbing up and down. And when I transport to a safe house I walk out the door and it reoccurs.

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That was happening to me yesterday day. Except, it happened on a rode. Exiting the game and continuing fixed that issue. Good thing I was just exploring.

That’s really weird. Can you provide a report based on this template so we know all the details? Thanks.

Happened to me also. Before I made an account here. Was running and auddenly Fell thru the ground in to water. And when i popped back up I instantly fell thru the ground again. Fast traveled to a safe house. Boo church i think. And as soon as I walked out of the church I fell thru the ground again. Had to restart the game. PS4 Pro.

+1 Same happened to me. Already reported here with the templates.

happened to me when i rode my bike in the water, had to fast travel out

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Yeah, the same happened to me, but it happened just after I had really fallen in the water. It was the only bug I’d ever had until June update, since when I’ve had a couple of crashes.

**Platform: PC

**Description: When falling into water you can not escape all you do is bob up and down, you need to fast travel to a safe house to stop but then when you exit the door you fall through the ground and continue to bob up and down. Then you exit the game and restart. You come back to the safe house you fast travel to but every thing is okay.

Steps To Reproduce:

**Images / Videos: none

**Host or Client: Steam

**Players in your game: solo

**Specifications: Windows 7, I7-9630 6core @4.2gz, Evga 1080, 32 gb ram

Is this the bug you’re having?

As to me, yes. It is the bug I’ve reported.

Yes that is the one.

Exact same bug happened to me just now.


Stepping on terrain will fall. Buildings are fine.

Steps To Reproduce:
I looted a fnix tank. Walked few steps on a field, and started falling.

Can you follow these steps again and reliably get the issue again? Unknown. First incident.

Images / Videos:
See YouTube clip

Host or Client:

Players in your game:

XBox1 x

Hi, this has been a persistent bug for 2 years now. The solution is to either fast travel to the other side of the map or restart the game. See if that helps, please

Although it sounds like the described bug is the ‘falling-through-surfaces’ variety, there is also the one described back then (third point in the post) . The same happened at other locations, too, but I didn’t screenshot these back then.