When is base ps4 and xbox one getting optimisation


Im currently playing on base ps4 and I was hoping that one of the latest updates had some optimisation but it was only for a small part fixed it seems like it nearly unplayable because of the lag hope they fix it soon also it is multiplayer and in singleplayer


this has been reported many times , and has been acknowledged by the development team , hope this is fixed soon mate :smiley: .


My XBox One-X is currently dead and I have been using my son’s One-S for a few hours.

The One-X still suffers the slowdown issues but not as often, but sometimes the slowdown is for no apparent reason (there is no bots around to fight) you are simply walking around.

I also noticed several issues I never saw with the X such as sometimes you could NOT drop radios or gas cylinders and the sky started flashing when approaching the cleared forest near the bunker (I forgets its name.)

I suspect the sky flashing (like some giant UFO is approaching) shows up on the S and not the X due to timing issues.

The inability to drop cannisters or radios doesn’t seem to be a timing thing as even when skulking in the woods well away from everything you still can’t drop them.

I suspect the PS4 family will have more than just lag issues if they are compared side by side.


Well it sounds like a whole different issue to me but maybe your right no reports of it yet by ps4 players


Don’t get me wrong I don’t think the current version is running as it should be on the consoles on either the enhanced or regular versions.

However I think the issues may be more obvious on the regular versions of the machines


Well hope the next update next week can fix it for the most part


Yeah because I didn’t enjoy the game nearly as much (have up trying to take the tank out at the big sawmill because of all the slowdown)


Yeah but maybe we have luck on our side with the update so they fix it