When is the building blocks glitch gonna be fixed?

Ive had this bug for so long and it doesnt seem like theres a way to fix it. Its so boring playing without resistance bases


Seems this is a hard nut to crack for the devs. I lost patience after the last big update so I just started a new world and breezed through the missions from start in a couple of hours since my character was level +30 and I had exp. weapons and a lot of resources.

Now my first world (with the Building blocks bug) is just dormant and I have caught up and passed the progress in my new world. So even if the devs manage to fix the bug I will still not use that world.

However in my new world Tylöveden is broken instead. :laughing: But that doesn’t stop progression like the Building blocks bug does.

im not gonna start it all again. I completed everything on my first world, unlocking every safehouse and collecting all collectables. Do you know when the next big update is? It better be fixed soon, because it seems like alot of people have the glitch.

I have no idea.

I know it really sucks…but if you are anything like me I think your best option is to bite the bullet and start a new world and complete the Building Blocks mission as soon as it’s available in the progression (to make sure it works). For me that took about an hour of gameplay.

You’ll be surprised how quick you will catch up with your broken world and for me it was rather fun to do all the missions again after months of only gameplay of killing roaming machines.

For me the options were starting over or quit playing the game. I choose the former and I’m 100% sure I would have stoped playing the game if I hadn’t. My thoughts were that this might be a bug that is non fixable and that I might just be wasting my time waiting for a fix that won’t come.