When Max level - Still show the exp gain

After killing enemies it just shows “max level”. Which can stay there, but also show how much exp is gained still. I know the number still goes up in the Stats screen, so we already know it’s adding it up as it is. It’s a small request but I think one that would make each battle a little more rewarding. Especially if you’re already max level and have all weapons in the game already.

Let me know your thoughts🙂

Not quite.

The Total XP stat shows all XP combined between your chars.

For example: i have 4x lvl31 chars and my Total XP is 2.195.596.

Since lvl31 char has 548.874 XP times 4 chars = 2.195.496. I don’t know from where the extra 100 XP comes to make the max possible Total XP to 2.195.596.

So, if your Total XP is still going up, you have 2nd, 3rd or 4th char, with whom you’re gaining XP. But once you get all your chars to max lvl, there is no additional XP coming in and there is nothing to show either, as you’re suggesting.

What’s the purpose of showing the XP shared between all characters? Seems kind of pointless.

Seems like it would be better suited to give a small reward after each battle. An endless increase in XP that takes the place of all the players in favor of removing the level cap. Sounds like this would take care of two birds with one stone.

The entire stats page shows the cumulative stats of all your chars combined, rather than the stats of the current char you use. That includes all machines destroyed, missions completed, deaths etc. Only stat that isn’t cumulative, is the longest kill shot.

I don’t see the reason why we should be collecting even more XP, way past the level cap. Also, can you name a game, that has this infinite increase in XP?

I looked it up and highest level cap, that i found, is in Fallout 4, with a level cap of 65.535. Earn one more level after that and game crashes due to the limitation of the software.
Further reading: Absurdly High Level Cap - TV Tropes

Resident Evil Revelations 2, Raid mode. There chars have level cap of 100 for guns, monsters, level-locking and level-difference mechanics. But char still grow, by accumulating XP (getting again and again lvl100) and getting more SP. The only real reason to pick and raise different chars is because they start up with different and often unique skills (there’s “inheritance” mechanic that allow to transfer them) and different level restrictions. But ultimately everything converge into “skill entropy”, where all chars can get all possible skills. And act as “builds”.

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But when you eventually have maxxed out all your chars with all skills, there is no need to earn any further XP? :thinking: If so, then it would be in the same state as GZ is with max level char, where gaining any additional XP doesn’t mean nothing.

There’s limits on how many skills can be active, hence “act as builds”. Like of twentysh active skills/moves/items you can equip only 4 at max and with thirtysh passive skills, you are able equip up to 6.

I know it doesn’t mean anything. But that’s my point. Gaining XP will only be a visual reward to the player after each battle. This helps make the player think they are growing their character, when they really aren’t. It’s a win-win situation.

So, no hard feelings, but you’re basically asking for a game to lie to you, so you can feel better? :thinking:

If that’s your argument, then why show players gaining XP at all, even from level 1? Why not just increase the level when they’ve reached the threshold and not show how much XP they’ve gained? If you think showing an increase in XP isn’t rewarding to players, then remove it. You won’t because you know showing XP gained is it’s own reward. This doesn’t change when characters reach max level.

This is a good question to ask from the devs. :slightly_smiling_face: Though, devs aren’t obligated to reply why they did this or that.

It’s pretty clear that was a rhetorical question which makes me think you’re just being passive aggressive about this; a weird behavior coming from a moderator on this forum.

You know it would be very strange to not include the XP gained after each battle because all games that have experience show that number.

You can ask the devs if you really still don’t understand but this suggestion is very self explanatory at this point.

When i asked you about game lying to you, i didn’t mean it in a malicious way. I even stated not to take hard feelings about it. If i offended you, i’m sorry. I didn’t mean that.

I respect you saying something about that, but that didn’t bother me at all. What does bother me is how resistant to change you are regarding win-win situations. This is such a small change that this should not have needed such a long discussion. If it truly didn’t make sense to you then I hope I helped. But if it did already make sense and you’re being resistant just to be resistant, then that’s a much bigger issue. Not only for these forums but for the growth of the game overall.

Anyways, I think it’s clear showing an XP gain is beneficial to the game, but whatever happens, thanks for working with me on this thread.

For me, it was this. Since i didn’t see any value of XP pop-up showing additional XP, that you won’t gain either way, once you’ve maxed out your char.

Now, when thinking about it, :thinking: it would be nice if that XP counter would show the post-battle XP, not because there’s illusion of gaining something, but instead to learn how much your battle was worth, XP wise. :slight_smile:
E.g you took down tank + harv and your battle was worth 2600 XP. Next time you faced dozens of hunters, two or three tanks and in the end you’ll see that this battle was worth e.g 8300 XP. Or when you see lone FNIX seeker and you pop it, to see how much that FNIX seeker is worth XP wise. (It’s 25 XP.)


Yeah I like that. That makes sense.

That would be a good approximation counter for estimating region level. I can’t say off the bat exact number, but combat XP gained from machine’s desruction and player’s survival has integer number in ratio - means XP and region score grow consistently.

Actually, no. Region score depends on which class and type of machines you’ve destroyed and each individual machine has it’s own value, of how much it contributes towards region score. And region score gain is 1:1 towards Rival XP gain.

Here’s complete machine value list:
(Which i found out after extensive testing in my own game.)

2 XP - tick (proto)
3 XP - tick (military)
4 XP - tick (FNIX)
5 XP - tick (apocalypse)
4 XP - seeker (proto)
5 XP - seeker (military)
6 XP - seeker (FNIX)
8 XP - runner (proto)
10 XP - runner (military)
20 XP - runner (FNIX)
14 XP - runner (apocalypse)
32 XP - hunter (proto)
40 XP - hunter (military)
48 XP - hunter (FNIX)
56 XP - hunter (apocalypse)
64 XP - harv (proto)
80 XP - harv (military)
96 XP - harv (FNIX)
122 XP - harv (apocalypse)
128 XP - tank (proto)
160 XP - tank (military)
192 XP - tank (FNIX)
224 XP - tank (apocalypse)

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