When will a Hotfix for PS4 come?

Hey, I’m wondering when a hotfix for PS4 will come, as of writing this (15/5-22) it’s not possible to play the game.
When I boot up the application on PS4 I get a bluescreen with the error code CE-34878-0.

I have tried to:
Restart the console
Reinstall the game (this worked, but as soon as I installed my save data the same problem occured)
Rebuild the PS4 database from Safe Mode

I really hope there is a fix to this issue asap! I really want to try out the new DLC, but can’t.


What’s your game version (ingame, loading screen)?
Did you try to delete your apex connect account temporarly?

I’m on v.2263976

And no I haven’t tried that, I will give it a try!

Update: I have now tried to delete my Apex Connect account and restoring it. My game still crashes as soon as it tries to load into the main menu.