When will an active flashlight influence visibility?

Are there plans to eventually make the flashlight an important part of staying stealthy? Namely, that visibility is increased (invisibility decreased) while it is on?


I thought it already did. Does that mean my stumbling around in the dark bunkers to avoid detection was all pointless?


Well… yes. Machines ignore flashlights completely.

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I still turn my flashlight off for the immersion. I wish it would matter.

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Holy cr*p! I have always thought that the machines could see the flashlight! Boy, do I feel dumb now. :smiley:


Considering some of them have flashlights mounted. They could simply believe you are one of them. Considering all people are supposed to be wiped out.

Good point. That could actually have been an interesting strategy in the game, if the flashlight was visible to them. Blinding the robots with the flashlight, tricking them into believing that I am one of them. :slight_smile:

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Hmm… How about making flesh, I MEAN flashlights a consumable item you can use as a distraction.

I imagine a 18 sewdish boy dressed as hitman yeeting a flashlight to a tank .:slight_smile:

I heard ages ago, but I just can’t bear to use a flashlight where it can be seen…

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Dammit LOL I turned off my flashlight every single time I was trying to be stealthy.

I used to do the same because of other games, it´s quite weird to be behind a machine with the flashlight and still having no alert status :rofl:

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