When will the Himjfall update come to Generation Zero PC?

Hi everyone,

I have finished the mission where you put the russian device in the FOA 5 bunker, however the game seems like it is finished as of now…

I see the FNIX cannon but i see no missons, and the update log says the update will come in July 23, however, when will the Himjfall update come because i see no missions for that either.

(Btw, i did not get the dlc, so dont start asking about that. Im playing the steam version.)

The Alpine Unrest DLC that takes place on Himfjäll is already released, and so is the DLC regarding the FNIX Cannon, called FNIX Rising. They are both available on Steam.

Then how do i get the first misson alpine unrest so i can go there? I got my 5 experimentals (Kpist, grnatagevar m/49, pvg 90, automategevar 4 and the shotgun) and the main island is getting boring because of how hard it is the find the apocalypse guys as well as having nothing to do in terms of missons.

although thanks for the info…

o wait i found a video now i know where to start looking…

thanks tho