When you need a bigger boat!

So last night in multiplayer we were all pretty decent players with high end gear and we’re ripping the machines apart.
Even rivals were gone in mere seconds and it got me thinking what if the game spawned in a Super rival when the likes of this occurs.

I’m talking a walking death machine probably doing 3 times the damage of the current top rivals and for kicks give him 10 times the health and armour. A nice new glowing paint job would be cool as well and at least let him drop a minimum 5* weapon when he falls.

If you want to prevent players from cheesing this guy like sniping from distance then give him a timer of 3 mins to kill him otherwise he explodes like a mini nuke killing everyone and leaving no rewards.


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An feature that benefits only MP while leaving all solo players out of the loop is a “No” from me.

It benefits anybody that is at a stage were the game is too easy.

Implementing a feature that is a solid challenge for co-op (e.g 3 players) makes it impossible for solo players due to the sheer difficulty.

Best example currently in-game: The Resistance mission in Himfjäll.

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The thing is that the game doesn’t scale with player count unfortunately. I remember the (good?) old days of Diablo II where all enemies got stronger when playing with friends.
The version in GZ makes solo play the hardest difficulty. In theory the devs could just multiply the amount of machines by the number of players. Having a 4x group of lvl 4 rival tanks will be even a good challenge for 4 players I bet :grin:

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When playing this game early on your definitely kept on your toes but as you progress it’s does get easier so they need to add a bigger challenge for end game players either like my idea or a new game plus which has been mentioned before.

But mine was cooler :wink:

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