Where are all the waving Swedish flags? (No Swedish flags to be seen)

I love the scenery in GZ. Probably all of you do. The devs caught the Swedish November feel just on the spot. But there’s always room for improvement, right.

So wandering about in Östervik the other day I thought, I see a lot of Swedish houses and I see a lot of flagpoles in the yards. But none of them has a Swedish flag raised :scream: And up to that point I couldn’t recall seeing any Swedish flags at all in GZ.

Sure, in Sweden we tend to hoist the colors more in the summertime but still, there’s gotta be someone who lived in Östertörn in 1989 who celebrated their birthday on November 12, right? (That’s a typical reason to hoist the flag in Sweden)

And IRL it’s an utterly common sight to see blue and yellow pennants hanging/waving on the flagpoles, when people don’t have the flag hoisted.

Of course shouldn’t EVERY house with a flagpole have either a flag or a pennant hoisted, but I’d like to see them every now and then at least :blush:


What do you guys think of this? Devs?


So it’s not just me who found the complete lack of flags in game odd…

Or for that matter the seeming lack of the Swedish colors almost anywhere. Only place I’ve found them for certain other than the Sverige Dalahäst that they can be found is on the military helmets and the collars of the military jackets.

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Exactly. There’s a serious lack of Swedish flags in Generation Zero. And apart from the military helmet and maybe some other stuff, Svenska Flaggan is gone missing…

There are actual laws about when and how you are allowed to flag in Sweden, they were enforced more in the 50’s-80’s than they are now but they’re still around. Still… Wouldn’t mind seeing at least a few around houses and in military bases. Good call :slight_smile:

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Absolutely. Raise the flag at sunrise, at the earliest, and take it down at sunset or 2100 hrs at the latest (which ever happens first) och såna grejer. While the pennants can be raised 24/7, more or less. At least nowadays.

Yeah wouldn’t it be very appropriate for the military bases to have flags too? And a lot of private residences should have a flag on the facade, by the front door. That would be a very nice touch to the scenery :smiley:

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These rules/laws? https://flagga.com/flaggregler/

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Yeah, that’s right. You should see my grandparents, they’re very strict when to fly their flag :smile:


Though I am in the USA as an RPG player I would love to see the Swedish Flag flying at bases, on vehicles, clothing & more. In my personal opinion this would add greatly to this game I am growing to not just like but love.

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So, i’ve also noticed a lack of Swedish flags around the Generation Zero map, is there a reason to this or is it something that wasn’t thought of? In Hunter Call of The Wild there are flag poles props with pre rendered flags swaying in the wind where the safe houses are. Would be cool to see in Generation Zero (if possible) an answer from a dev would be really dope!


Yup I have noticed it too. Very odd that there is no swedish flags anywhere in a game that is set in Sweden. And as far as I know there is no copyright reason or whatever for them to not exist.


I’ve had these thoughts myself a lot of times. It would be cool if they’d implement it. I don’t really see any reason why that couldn’t be a thing. :slight_smile:

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Actually, there are Swedish flags, but they’re in the one place they’re not supposed to be: on the Vråken fighters.

Flags are nowhere to be found on Swedish planes, they use the Swedish roundel:

The Vråken models are just weird and fugly in all manner of different ways.

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