Where are the melee weapon mods


I have been playing since the release of the new dlc and I cannot find mods for the melee weapons or there just are not any. Can someone please provide an answer?


What makes you think there are mods for melee weapons?


All other weapons have mods.


Are you sure about that…:thinking:


M/49 doesn’t have any weapon attachment, yet, it’s been in the game since launch. So, there’s that.



I was going to pixilate one and see if he could guess


What kind of mods could there be for melee weapons?
I can only think about weapon modifications as in zombie games, you know…(Dead island, Dying light).
Most of them would not be useful against reinforced metal though :thinking:


Funnily enough this actually came up in the live stream 2 back - thing is, how far can you go with a Swedish Bat? Nails / Barbed wire maybe…but that’s not GenZ

Sledgehammer could have an emp attachment that stuns additional enemies on one hit kills…Experimental versions I think would be the only way - and it would probably be the sledgehammer if any.

I can guarantee one thing though, my experimental weapon will be ready before they release a new one.


You guys so narrow minded.

I can see both normal scopes, red dot, and all the vision mods that go with that.

Then for the hammer, different grips to provide better, yeah you guessed it -> grip.

Real life examples




Since when the Photoshopped images count as real life examples? :thinking:

Thor’s hammer? :hammer::zap:
It already stuns hunters though.





to use it at range duh… You expect me to use the bat’s garbage iron sights?


puts eye to bat scope

sees range is greater than one (1) metre

pulls out gun



you obviously do not know the art of using a bat as a ranged melee weapon.


@MarkNcheese42 please teach me!



in due time. Also we are getting off-topic. I can sense the mods already watching.



Yes, sorry, I had too much coffee today.


Why do you think they are photoshoped?

Why do you think I’m serious?

Jeesus people, have some humor!


@mrjimp I laughed! Before posting my too serious reply anyway…



I think some mods for melee weapons could make sense. Drive a few Tungsten nails through the brännboll bat, and now you’ve got bonus damage against armour. Charge the sledgehammer with an EMP battery, so you can stun enemies. Modify the brännboll bat with Aluminium to make it lighter, so you can swing it faster, and so on :hammer: :cricket_bat_and_ball: