Where I find This?

this other mission?

And The Key, please

Isn’t that the door you need to do the resistance mission to get into?
I think its the last of the missions. The big one. Still shows you have 1 mission to do there

I know, but I don’t know how to find this mission, nor the key to the doors

you’re given the keys when its time. Can’t remember what triggers it, but it’s the last or very close to last of the FNIX rising missions.
I remember picking up something near the safehouse at the bottom of the farmlands just after leaving the starter area. Don’t know if thats what starts the missions or is the trigger for last of them :man_shrugging:

You did the base build up and defense right?

Yes I do…
But i dont have Fnix Rising DLC

Lol. it requires it… then you also didn’t do the base build up and defense mission i was talking about, as that’s part of the DLC. Assumed you had it.

Its the best of the DLCs IMHO. Chronologically comes after Alpine I believe.

Oh, I only have Alpine and I don’t have any other story DLC.
So to have the key I need the DLC right

Yes. you get into it during a mission in the dlc

Sad, i Will see the DLC