Where is Audio Logs #3?

The coordinates for Bergahyttan Hunting Club is nowhere to be found.

Bergahyttan Hunting Club
On the kitchen counter inside the cabin with computers.
Coordinates: 4960.4, 261.1

I couldn’t find it anywhere in that coordinates.

It’s actually at: 4959, 259.
Also, here are few screens to help you to locate it:

Thank you so much! How do I get in B4 Bunker to get an audio log in a blue car?

Out of 9x audio logs in Alpine Unrest, only one of them is inside a car. That car is located inside FOA4 bunker, at the vehicle bay and you’ll need main mission called: “The Hellmouth” to gain access into there. FOA4 can be accessed even afterwards you’ve completed that mission.


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