Where is the survival

this is said to be a survival game on steam but if you remove the enemies there is literally no threat or surviving to do. no hunger, thirst, temperature… anything else to do to not die. they just added a pitchfork why not add patches of crops in the farmlands you can harvest to make food. theres also TONS of canned food around. wouldnt really make it annoying if you only had to eat about once or twice a day. and temperature would make sense since a bunch of the map is freezing and snowy. a slowness effect if you arent wearing a good jacket or smth idk just ANYTHING else to do besides get resources and kill the machines


It’s all a matter of definition.
While in other games you have to survive against the nature (thurst, hunger, temperature, animals, plants,…), here you have to survive against the “invaders”.

This is because the game isnt a survival game at all. As its said in the genres that the devs put themselves, its just action and adventure, no survival aspects. If youre going of the popular user defined tags then thats just a bad idea overall. If you going off the 1 sentence “How can you survive?” Then that doesnt indicate itll be a survival game.

It was more of a survival in the beginning when you had limited resources. Now it’s just a shoot em up.


It is more of a war survival then you vs the nature

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I definitely agree with the OP. I have an idea of a continuously depleting health bar. Even when not in combat the health bar should slowly deplete based on time without food & water, and need for rest (you can rest at Safe Houses to refill your health bar to 100%).

With that they need to add more consumables/loot like food & water to be used to keep your health bar up, homes & diners, should have food & drink to loot. ie. Food & drink = 5 percent health.

Hunting & fishing should be added too.

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No. Just no.
That’s not the game for something like that.
We have other problems than that.

It would be like making a stop while driving a race in gran turismo just for having to go to a restroom.


Well, although I personally don’t think that fishing would work especially since there’s no fish. But I don’t see an issue with hunger and thirst, personally. And honestly sleeping wouldn’t be horrible either. But yeah fishing and hunting don’t quite fit.