Where’s my sledge?

Well 6 Reapers down and still no experimental sledge. Three I’ve done solo. 3I have taken down solo. The last one took me an hour and what did I get for my reward you ask?
A 5 crown Shotgun Silencer, FOA pants, 6 Advanced med kits and of course ammo I don’t use.
But on a good note they immediately spawned another Reaper in the same local before I even got done plundering it’s remains.
Still wonder what the formula is to get a Exp. Sledge?

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A few questions. Are you above Level 25? Experimental weapons will not drop otherwise.

Have you tried destroying the Reaper before it self-destructs? Doing so increases your chances of getting better drops.

Unless they fixed it, this rule does not apply to the reaper.

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How do you destroy it before it self destructs???

Be fast and do as much damage as possible.

I don’t know how it is possible.
A friend and I just got it once… When the reaper was under attack by two wolves, my friend, me and its rocket runners (because of sticky flares on the reaper). The reaper did nothing and we were able to shoot him from behind.

You mustn’t hide if he starts his final firestorm-attack, but shoot on as long as you can.

The weapon wheel helped a lot, too.
Exp Ag4, exp Klauke (shock ammo), 5c KVM59 (shock ammo, as my exp KVM59 with shock ammo results into game crashs) , exp PVG and exp granatgevär on slots, plus health kits, grenades and sticky flares on the slots to fast change weapons instead of reloading… So we were able to deal as much damage as possible.

The Reaper will signal when it is about to self-destruct. It will vent red smoke and behave just as it is about to do it’s thermobaric attack. This usually happens when it is sufficiently damaged and it’s health is low, so watch out for that.

Be sure to have disabled it’s shields as well.

Did you also know, that it’s honk also becomes very very distorted and broken before it’s about to do it’s final bang. I found this out a week ago :sweat_smile:

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What’s your platform of choice.