Where we're going, we don't need roads


What an Easter Egg find!!! Not your normal ‘barn find’ :joy::joy::joy:


Have you activated it to see what it does?


I did, it actually flys out of the barn then disappears into the sky.


Yup, it flies out of the barn… Got a vid but cannot post it directly from my PS4 :thinking: Still it gives people the chance to discover and see it themselves :smirk:


This is so cool :smiley:


@Northlander if you link a youtube account to your ps4 you can upload vid you recorded from ps4 , then using ps4 browser can open youtube page grab ‘link’ , copy link using the 3 * * * Under space bar on keyboard window . I only use ps4 for all communication apart from pictures ps4 will not upload pictures through browser … :+1:


Yeah I know, I just didn’t have time to do that tonight :blush:

As for the in game screen shots, I just save them to USB and upload them here from my laptop


I have plenty of screenshots , my laptop is used for work and is part of an audit , my pc tower is rubbish and ancient , so is there anyway to share pictures from ps4 to another cloud then i could grab the link on ps4 browser and aye that’s it , i have a few multiplayer pics of the Easter egg Delorean that may raise a smile , .


I think it should be called Debjorkean.