Where's our house?

Has there been any mention of where our characters house is? I mean we were going back to somewhere. Maybe I missed a mission.


That is actually a valid point, and a nice idea for giving the whole experience more depth: Give my character a stronger anchoring on the game world, make this actually my home.

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I’ve been wondering about that in another context:
It stands to reason that our avatars likely haven’t been in the bunkers, or at least not enough to know them by heart, but are they local enough to know the lay of the land?

That could be solved by stating that we are not actually living on the islands but on the mainland and that we just arrived on the island for a certain reason. Would also fit our general trip direction up north.


I just started thinking that. I’m suddenly picturing an expansion in a year or two called “Going Home” or something.

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Isn’t it the first safehouse you come across? On the other hand, you could also be visiting some friends, or be an exchange student. The game leaves it up for your own imagination, I believe.

Hard to say for sure, but the note you find says,

Mats, we tried to call you at home, but you probably rushed to the station as soon as you heard the readiness alarm. You’ll have enough on your plate as it is [etc.]

which I always took to be addressed to someone a bit older than us (old enough to be in some position of responsibility in these alarm type situations; likely old enough to drive, too). Also, there’s no guarantee there’ll be a Mats in the player group. :smile:

Could still be your brother, I guess, but then it’s a bit strange we don’t get mentioned at all.

This raises another question though.
We were using a boat, and it looks like we didn’t bring it by car. Perhaps we rented/borrowed the boat off these people?

All we know is You and some classmates have spent a few days out in the archipelago, cut off from the world. As you return, your boat is suddenly hit by explosive projectiles fired from shore. You don’t know what fired at you or why, but you manage to make it to shore. Injured, but alive.

I doubt Mats is us. I wondered where our house is, but reading this text again, I’m thinking we’re from the mainland.


What irks me is that they never explain why we go all the way across to go to that particular small island. It’s not like there aren’t others (closer ones, if we go by the mainland theory). I appreciate that most people probably want to get going rather than read walls of text, but this would’ve been a matter of half a sentence somewhere.

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Some of the smaller Islands or areas on the biggest ones on Stockholm archipelago are run by an organisation for preservation of culture and tourism. So it’s plausible you been on one of the smaller Islands further out where they have a small compound a group could rent.

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I’ve been around the archipegalos in the south. You go back where you came from. I took a couple of boats and walked three islands in the middle. I think that was pretty normal.

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