Which game mode do you prefer to play Generation Zero in?

Be Honest. This is for Science.

Which game mode do you prefer to play Generation Zero in?

  • Adventure
  • Skirmish
  • Guerrilla


I always play on Skirmish.
It’s challenging enough, makes fun but don’t is too easy.

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Guerrilla mode. It brings back the original GZ feeling for me; Where the machines are dangerous and you need to access the situation before acting.


Solo, skirmish and Guerrilla when hosting co-op with experienced players.

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Skirmish mode, same reasons as madchaser.
I dont like things to be easy, but i also dont like guerrilla which makes enemies big sponges of damage.
If one day Guerrilla changes to have More enemies, same damage as skirmish and less resources and weapon degradation…then yes il play it all the time.


Yes!!! I totally agree.

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I also agree that guerrilla makes the machines ammo sponges. But when in co-op and all good players, even on guerrilla, players make quick work of all the machines. And we all loot enough resources to get too fat to run and fast travel.

Solo, skirmish is a perfect balance.

You know @JuanEyeJack, I would really like to take your suggestion to heart and try playing with my friends on guerrilla mode. It sounds like it would be a blast!!

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I agree but i dont have friends to play this game with xD, sad i know… and sometimes dont even have time at all…
Had 2 americans but the timezones are too different…

I live in the Central Time Zone.

Skirmish on a April 2020 backup. The only way for me, even if I miss out on later content. Tried Guerrilla on the same version, didn’t make it for long…

What makes the April 2020 backup your favorite?

Back then, the difficulty was something else entirely due to a developer mishap buffing the AI to ridiculous levels. I bought the game back then, and it was a challenge to even reach the church in the prologue. They fixed it with the June patch, but by then, I was accustomed to the ‘Hellscape’ difficulty and no later update recaptured that dread.

Imagine getting one-shotted by the shotgun runner at distances over 30m, or pretty much dying just from being in range of a prototype hunter. Fun times.


Guerilla for me. I play with a friend and it’s to easy otherwise. But base assault is a pain in the ass sometimes on guerilla when the base is of higher level.

Wow @gzbugs! That would be interesting to play.

Someone wrote some time ago that there’s a way to fiddle with Steam to download older versions - never tried that, but at least on PC, it should be an option if you’re inclined.

Weirdly enough, there was an old interview with the devs back when the game was announced/released where they laid out how they had planned to build a ‘reverse The Hunter - Call of the Wild’ where the player was the prey and no place would feel safe - I feel they accidentally nailed this atmosphere in that specific version…

I just remember that someone requested to offer older versions over steam, as some other games do, too.

The design team could always just add an option that you can toggle the game back to what it was during that time frame. It may be more welcomed than converting the game into a base building/defense game with the glitter of weapons skins and more weapons that are not as good as the exp weapons that came out back then too.

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That was me, fearing my backup HDD might get hosed one day :grin:

Always Guerilla! The Reason is because it feels so realistic when you engage the Machines. You tickled them only and they Hurt a Lot because you are only a bunch of Meat. Unfortunately, they are still some issue where it makes it at the End to easy again. If they could Restricted The Loot you get a bit more and Balance the Items/Ammo’s you can Craft, it would make it more interesting. For example, by Looting the Fire Bird where you get an insane Amount of Loot even without the Skills. Decreasing the Ammo amount you can Loot to a certain Percentage by all Destroyed Machines would make the Craft Table more interesting. Forcing you to Craft more often then Normally.