Which shotgun do you prefer?

I recently got the semi-auto shotgun, and while it’s nice and all, I’m a bit bummed you can’t mount a 2x ACOG sight like you can on the pump action. So I’m actually considering switching back to the pump action, once I find a 4 or 5 star version.
I guess with how I use it, there isn’t much difference between pump action and auto, and I’d really like to get the ACOG sight back for precision aiming, especially with slug rounds.
Any thoughts on this? :thinking: :sunglasses:

The Sjokvist shotgun is reputated to be quicker and do more damage but the mag is smaller and no attachments. It’s your choice, I prefer the 12 pump. Choke, scope, slugs or buck.

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I’d say it depends on how you’re using it. The Sjöqvist is unequivocally better for run-and-gun tactics because of the fire rate and damage. The pump-action is better if you care about precision because you can mount a sight. If neither matters, I’d take the Sjöqvist over the pump action because of the higher per-shot damage.

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I didn’t like the Sjoqvist Shotgun much probably cause of the reloading part, since the player load 1 ammo then reload the weapon again for the remaining ammo clip. If I had to choose it would be the 12g Shotgun in general probably cause I’m use to it from playing other games that had a similar 12g shotgun.

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I prefer the pump action because of more shells and close-combat.

I carried the Sjokvist once I found it, but couldn’t get on with it, dropped it and went back to the pump. I couldn’t be doing with the AI-76 either, and went back to the Auto4, which I much prefer…