White flicker artifacts in the upper corners of my screen


Seems to be just one frame of a triangular white area flashing in either the left or the right upper corner of my screen. Size is roughly 1/4 of screen height on 1080p. Initially I though I had overclocked my VRAM too hard. But happens even at stock and reduced power target with ~65°C of GPU temp. I am on the latest NVidia drivers (just updated).

Steps To Reproduce:
Run around in houses in particular.

Images / Videos:
Sorry, cant catch that.

Host or Client:

Players in your game:
Single player

I7 7700k @5GHz, 32GB 3600MHz RAM
2080ti, non overclocked (temps ~65°C), driver 441.12 (latest)
2560x1080, 110+ fps

I think I found where this comes from, predominantly within houses!

I just found this “seam” between parts of the world:

And when I turn my head a little (I am standing right on it), I see this:

Update: Yes it is the same in houses. There are spots where I can sit and look around and depending on world angle there are bright artifacts in the scene (see left third of image):

Looks like a… let’s call it “loading in all the stuff” issue. Is this all over the map or just in certain more densely populated areas? Can you screen your map so I can get a look at where you are?

Thanks for reporting! :slightly_smiling_face:

Kimchi, thank you for getting back to me. Darn, just this time I forgot to take a map screenshot. I will attach one ASAP!

However, this is all over the map. I noticed this in many many houses, right from the start. Once I have seen the first flicker, I crouch and move slowly to get right on one of those “cuts” through the 3d model. Then I look around and in certain angles the artifact is stable and reproducable.

EDIT: And there is already one, right where I loaded into my safe house compound. See the line on the floor through all the wooden planks? That is the spot:

If I turn a little further, the artifact is on the right side. Note also the lighter line through my player model and on the wood stack in the background.

PS: Sometimes complete shadows as here on the right side disappear for a second when panning the scene.

You’re not alone brother. I’ve seen the white flickers In the upper corners of my screen as well. And like you I only notice them in houses. Seems to have started for me around 2 updates ago. But I’ve always seen the little white lines in the floor boards of houses here and there since day one of the game. Not a game breaker for me as long as it doesn’t relate to bug causing game crashes. Had my machine Overclocked when I first noticed it. Cut off the OC and still does it.