Who created the experimental weapons?


In game of course
Personally I believe it was the same folks that were working on the machines and the experimental weapons were either an abo domed project that was replaced by the robots or weapons for the robots to use but were never installed (reasoning behind this is that rivals drop the weapons occasionally but never fire them)


Thats an interesting theory. There’s too many options to say really. Maybe some future content down the road Devs? :wink:


I agree. Some time ago @Simulacrum_Protogen mentioned that introduction of things like the experimental weapons require a background story. That would help to make them credible.


@ianforce agreed, it’s not a huge deal for me like they could just be some random weapons Billy Ben Bob put together in his tool shed and I’d be OK with that. Hopefully after they get the game all smoothed out though this will be something they consider adding to the game content.