Who else is hyped about the radial menu?

Apparently, Systemic Reaction will add a weapon/gadget wheel in February. Who else is hyped about that?

I hope the Quality of Life pass will apply to mouse and keyboard users too.

I also hope they will fix the problem with prone position when using a controller. (When leaving “prone”, the player is forced to stand tall.)

If it comes to PC(kb/m players), then that means we are going to have more flexible gear juggle. Especially for a foragers like me, who quite often ends up in situation a where I have to quickly put down 5-6 different items, while having only 4 slots. Or ease up gun rotation, when you are actually eager to spend these handfuls of assorted ammo instead of throwing/recycling away.
This wouldn’t be as hype if UI was not so rigid.

A lot of good questions…

That’s how hyped I am:


I’m not super hypes for a wheel.

But I see no reason it would be a negative addition to the game.

I assume it is going to be just 1 wheel with 8 slots you can put anything into. And you are probably still going to be able to use your number keys to select items. So the only change for people who prefer the old system would be you now have more than 3 weapons.


I’m playing on console and mostly single player, so I would gladly exchange the emots wheel for something useful.

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Wel’ll see, how it will be.
The emotes-wheel is nice to have, when playing coop and you just want to do some crazy stuff, but a weapon-/item-wheel would be way more useful for the game itself.

Maybe they just add the possibility to add weapons or items to the emote-wheel so you can use it for both :man_shrugging:


I would suspect that the weapon wheel would be on the current “swap weapon button” on console while the emote wheel stays where it is. Wouldn’t make sense to remove emotes.

For better usability it should be placed either on L1 or R1 by holding down the button, so that your thumbs are free for the sticks (and selections within the wheel)

Hopefully it will work (for R1) without always changing the weapon-mode for the currently selected weapon.

So there will be a required change for the function to change the weapon-mode from “on button-press” to “on button-release” (as long as you didn’t hold it).

This change would be very welcome for R3, too, as you always turn on/off your flashlight when using the construction-menu at your homebase.
Couldn’t be as difficult in my opinion.

February is too far. :disappointed_relieved: I’m playing Frostpunk in the meantime… Sci-fi is sci-fi.

About the controller settings, I don’t plan to use a controller as long as they don’t fix the prone feature. (Right now, on PC, you cannot switch between proned and crouched.)

Really looking forward for the menu. Enjoying the game more and more every day. Too bad i skipped the game for so long. Hope we will see more content coming in the future. Anyone Infos about new content? Or are the developers done with adding content?

More content will still be added. If you mean more stuff like the weapon wheel, then that also comes with the plundra and recycling station upgrades. If you mean more story stuff, then it wouldnt surprise me if they still have plans for more story DLCs.

Yeah, i mean story stuff. Hope there is more in the pipeline. This universe has plenty of stories to be told:) we will see then. Cheers!

There’s a livestream tomorrow on Twitch. Hopefully they’ll have some things to say, but I doubt it because they are probably barely coming back from holiday break.

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