Who is excited for tomorrow!

Can’t wait to see the new enemies and the update for some base building. Kinda hoping some other new stuff will be snuck in as well. I know most people are hoping for skills reset or maybe a new tree. Personally wanting that grenade launcher, hopefully some EMP rounds with it as well.

With the weapon wheel new loadout ideas are coming to mind. Me I will at first be rocking the EXP PVG and the EXP rocket launcher or a 5* RPG with a 5* HP5. I have the full auto damage on so it will be great to rock it. I like using the rockets but since we did not have a full auto secondary I was losing out on some damage. Me loving to snipe it was always hard to put down the PVG. I would run the EXP rocket / 5* RPG with the EXP AG4 for a while but eventually I would run out of rockets and have to find more thus running back into the embracing arms of the PVG lol. Sure it is crazy to think of someone running a .50 cal a RPG and a SMG without dying from carrying that weight, however It is a video game so I never take that stuff to seriously, but for a little immersion I run the FOA clothing to look like I am using an EXO suit to carry that extra weight.


At first:

Yes I’m really excited.
Can’t wait to explore everything new.

Mmh I always want to be prepared for any situation. So I skilled up my carry weight to 96 and have always with me:

  1. Exp AG4 (+2000 - 3000 rounds)
  2. Exp PVG (+100 - 200 rounds and exp healthshots)
  3. Exp KVM59
  4. Exp Shotgun (+100 birdshot and exp healthshots)
  5. Exp Kpist (+1000 rounds)
  6. Exp Granatgevär (+ 30-50 rounds)
  7. Exp Klaucke (with 9mm shock ammo)
  8. 5c Bränbalbat

as weapons.

Additionally some sticky flares, some grenades, some fireworks, some medium EMP, 1 adrenaline, 30-40 advanced medkits and enough ammo for every gun.

Actually I also carry a 5c KVM59 with me, just for the 7.62 shock ammo because my game often crashed when using this ammo with the exp KVM59…but I want to be able to spray 250 rounds of shocking death, if I need it :wink:

Don’t want to know how it would look like in real :rofl:

Pretty much this lol



Wow, could be taken right out of the game, even with the red star in the background :rofl:

Yes, I’m looking forward to the update, and the DLC.

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First, yes! Super excited for tomorrow! :grin:

And wow! That’s quite a loadout, @Madchaser :open_mouth:
Personally, I never carry more than 4 or 5 weapons.
Both my Vanguard and my Marksman always carries the 6* KVM 59, 6* PVG 90 and 5* .44 Magnus.
In addition, I carry a secondary weapon which is either the 6* AG4 or the 6* Kpist.
My Marksman carries the 5* Älgstudsare as well. :+1:
Both my characters also use an identical setup of utility items: 10-20 adrenaline shots, 50 std. medkits, 50 adv. medkits, 10 lockpicks, 10 sticky flares and 10 fireworks…
Only this, and tons of ammo. :sunglasses:

Bug-Day… :crazy_face:

Yesss…, I’m also excited for tomorrow! :star_struck:

What my Character carries is a

4**** Älgstudsare
3*** PVG90
3*** AK4
4**** HK5 SMG
4**** N90 (Berreta)
5***** Magnus
" 2 Bottles of Beer :crazy_face: and some medikits.

Enough Ammo

I’ve never seen a more accurate depiction of the Generation Zero protagonist, or really most FPS protagonists before lol
And that’s them without the 30 kilos of wood and rubber

Well… I like every of these guns somehow and don’t want to move back to some savehouse if ammo for one gun is out + some are for special purposes.

But with my fresh 3rd character I’m now trying loadouts with less weapons (about 6) and almost none experimentals (just the shotgun and the klaucke).

“Only a dead bug is a good bug” :wink:


I’m desperately waiting for the patch note. I thought we would get it today.

Pontus confirmed we’re getting them tomorrow with a trailer for this update. Come out at the same time as the patch, 10am CET


NOOOOOO! I thought he said “Monday” during the stream!

they tried to get them out today, but i dont think they were fully ready.


Does “CET” stands for “Central European Time”?

It indeed does mean that


To answer this, i am very excited to play the new update. Been a good while since last one and with the teaser and stuff on twitter over past week, this update looks worth playing for a couple of days.


Maybe they said “after monday”?
I can’t remember. I was just wondering why a patch notes should be released one day before the update. :man_shrugging:

What I’m especially excited for is everything which hasn’t been mentioned or shown. There seems to be a big surprise kept secret. They just said that it will be the biggest Update since the game launched.

Or will the surprise just be, that my internal memory of the PS5 is not enough, so the update is “just” really big? Why else could an update be big? High resolution textures may be an answer.
Just about 12 hours to go… :hugs:

I thought that was unexpected too.

I’m not falling for any kind of hype like that. No Man’s Sky showed me that hype is bad. Any time they start hyping an update on Twitter or even in a blog post, people start imagining stuff. No Man’s Sky is also a good example of a game in serious need of polishing, more than new features. I hate it when developers spend 5% of their time on UX and 95% on new features or optimizations that people won’t notice.

It had been proven that UX changes can create placebo effects for a lot of people. I can’t remember what was the situation, but I remember a dev on Twitter talking about their game and how a simple UX tweak made people think that the game was performing better on their hardware. :sweat_smile:

In short, UX tweaks can go a long way in making people happier…

Consistency and “Vision” > Disruption and “Perpetual-Playtesting”