Who is this person?

An anonymous scientist killed by curiosity. :coffee:

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I noticed a lot more NPCs standing/sitting around. There is a bar tender at the hotel on the island but can’t get him to pour me a glass of wine! :disappointed:

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It is the local Dentist, she was on an emergency call - but on her way had a flashback to teeth of a player who holds 212 Semla as standard procedure.

Poor woman


Once you complete the last main mission in Himfjäll, the NPCs previously in the wine cellar will change locations and are at the 1st floor of the hotel.

As far as that dead scientist goes, it has been reported in the forums before. That scene is one, of many, environmental story telling pieces. Not all people can be named/identified though.

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And the mystery is solved!!!

I joined a random’s game last month and was like…wtf are these people doing here.