Who opened Bergrum "Vargen" in City Region?


There is an uncharted bunker called Bergrum “Vargen”. How ti open it ? Is it related to a side mission ?


Vargen is currently inaccessible. Who knows what it’ll be used for in the future? :slight_smile:


Given the way the region bulges out there to cover the whole hill, it could even be pretty darn big too…


Still inaccessible, right?


Not found a way in recently, and I’ve been following a buddy ticking off all his missions. Maybe I’ll take a closer look…


is the place still inaccessible? For now I still have the door locked message


Nothing there yet, unfortunately :frowning:


Still nothing there too this date.


I went the the other day and when you get to the bunker doors, game shows “NO POWER”.