Who or what faction do you think is behind the Music and Red Lights setpieces?

With the new revamps we find some interesting new Musical and Red Lights setpieces.

Spooky Rocker Barn.
A music podium in the mountains (Folkets Park).
The Stage Gear truck loosing its cargo during a chase/attack.
The Party Barn.

Red lights:
Cabin on a hill.
House in Tornberget.

Who do you think are responsible? Iron Church, the Resistance, Ljuset commune, The Growing Tree, the Soviets?


We know that the resistance member Benny Malmqvist, was also member of the band “Barb Rose”


I would think the Resistance would be responsible for this, maybe to deter the Russians/Russian machines?

I don’t think Benny did this. He is a lot of talk but not much walk :sweat_smile:

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Music would certainly help help keep the moral up, not sure if those places would deter enemies though. The best protection is to set-up such places on hard to reach spots, hidden and off the beaten track. Some did this very well.

And then we have these, maybe controversial, Red Lights buildings, which I in my innocence :innocent: first thought were meant as art-galleries. So far I found 3 buildings, two of which we can enter.

I guess until the lore give us more clues we can only speculate. Still, I don’t think they are meant to be brothels. The devs have made many strange scenes, that we still don’t understand. Like the dead bodies laid out with apples and party hats (probably the work of the group who call themselves “The Growing Tree”).

About the Red Lights buildings I figure they can have a smiliar function at the Night Car wagon in Snowpiercer series (Netflix), originally a brothel but then used as a neutral ground for all classes (factions in this case) so people come there for games and trade. Rooms now function as Isolation Chambers for helping survivors with therapy perhaps.

It will take a delicate narrative to pull off a story combining the pieces related to Iron Church into something that keeps the player base intact and not just git clone “Dead by Daylight” or “Walking Dead” theme into the game. The findings related to cult members who experiment with different robot specimen seem to do stuff that belongs to a much darker narrative then experienced so far. Pretty crazy stuff if you think about it.

I suggest following the “Kapten” snuff boxes and barbell weights (notable some is the blue 1337g) to get a hint at what the cult have been up to. The neuroscience and biology described to successfully interface with a machine is one way that can be explored further with a mysterious background that can be expanded on. The cult’s way is uncertain what purpose and success has been achieved with a much broader narrative to expand on and certainly give more options for different characters to enter the stage of Generation Zero universe.

Could be. But then why the need for the red lights? Does the red light soothes the soul?

“That, detective, is the right question”.
Iron Church or something else red lights are good for?

(Quote from I Robot movie, seemed appropriate. ‘Hush’ emoji to suggest that ‘brothel’ may be the correct answer.)

Still we get no concrete answers, the lore is still keeping its secrets.
For now I assume, that:

  • The Ljuset Commune are the machine worshippers.
  • The Iron Church are secretly fighting the machines.
  • The Resistance are trying to survive.
  • The Growing Tree is/are responsible for the strange apple placings and effigies.
  • The Talking Machine seems open for dialog.

I never took notice of the weight that barbells have. Are you saying there is a barbell with the weight 1337 grams on it. Do you know its location? Or do I have to travel to all known iron church locations to verify. :cowboy_hat_face: I know of leet speak, and that would indeed hint towards hackers.

Yes here are three locations:

4792, -942
Vråkudden Camping
(Iron Church and several 1337g Dr. Enz)

Close to coordinates -967, 617
F23 Överby Airbase up on the first roof

Unmarked hideout in between Klockarstugan and Stillsjön.


1337g in Östervik (835,262).

Outside Varuhuset in Östervik (1350,-126).

In the hidden underground church at Himfjället.

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That’s the Iron church Recrutement corner…