Who would like to see new level cap increase and the ability to specialize in skill trees?

To answer that I’ll explain my farming method.

To start off, I have a farming route that clears most of the heavy spawning sections of my map, I mainly focus on Farmlands as it has most of these mass spawn points spread out to help my og xbox one handle the strain. After I have at least four or five FNIX controlled bases spawned and leveled up, I’ll hit them all, one after the other and clear any new bases that spawn and are leveled up as I’m clearing. Once all the max leveled bases are cleared, I’ll return to the farming route and rinse and repeat. Between the base clears and level ups, and the fact that I have my currant skill tree tuned to my play style as best as possible under the currant system I don’t have to reset my skills. In a single play session I can net anywhere between 4-20 levels and a dozen or so FNIX control points depending on how fast and hard I want to play.

At first I didn’t understand what you meant since I’ve already seen these features.
But then I read the rest of the thread and finally got it

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I’d prefer more diverse and useful skills.


That’s why we’re talking about it.
GZ has expanded in a way that isn’t represented in the skill tree yet.


Agreed, alone the fact that the only specific weapon damage skills are for full auto weapons and explosives is crazy. Pistols, Shotguns and Hunting rifles/DMRs have the biggest needs for ability-based buffs and are ironically the ones that get no specific skills at all.

There are a lot of weapon buffs that apply to all weapons. Faster reload, steady shots, fire from the hip and accuracy, just a few off the top of my head.

Those that feel the skills do not add enough, try making 4 different specialists and play with each of them. Then reset one of them and don’t use any of the skills and see if you notice any difference.

It also takes a lot away from the game when one character has all the specialty skills. Through out the game it’s about making decisions on what kind of character you want to play with. And the end goal is not to be them all in one.

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That’s my point. ARs outclass shotguns and DMRs for example, if I get a global damage buff both have become proportionally better, still no point to use the weaker weapon as they both get a proportional increase, but the distance in power stays the same, they just move both up, the same happens for all general skills. The thing is however that there are no specific skills for the weapons that are weaker off the bat to elevate them. ARs for example can profit from both make 'em count and the full auto damage buff, while all single-fire-only weapons don’t from either, so the already stronger weapons can get boosted even further via skills, while shotguns/pistols for example deal very low burst and sustained damage while also having less skills overall to profit from.

I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that the skill on the bottom right of the combat tree also effects hunting rifles and DMRs, but I don’t know.

Aside from leveling for the skill points, does higher levels mean anything other than gaining level up resources? I wouldn’t mind Survival branch getting a skill that gives you more health based on your level. Nothing crazy. Maybe an additional 0.05%. At level 10,000 that’s an additional 500 hp. You’ll be tanky af…, but aside from cheating I don’t see someone hitting 10,000.

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Yes you hit the nail on the head. I personally like feeling a sense of achievement when gaining a level. 5 uranium don’t give that sense of achievement. As new updates come out they nerf weapons, and gear all the while boosting the enemy. I play the game now ever so rarely because after a certain poing of no real gain you lose interest. Now i find myself getting smacked around bt the enemy using anywhere from 10+ health packs if in a fight with multiple machines, especially the flyers. Resources are used up quickly. I’ve been playing for nearly 4 years now and I’m sad to say i don’t like the direction this game is going. They need to at very least add new skill trees, and allow sill points to be used also for increasing resistances, armor, weapons statistics, and more. It would add a nice new fresh element to the game. Maybe allow players to customization of all the above. All the while adding new machines, missions, story content, and add more gear and weapons content. Definitely new areas are needed. I love gen z but it has grown stale and would like more for the character. New weapon, companion DLCs just isn’t cutting it. I don’t know what would others like to see added and done to increase fan bases? To give the game more life and that something that makes it stand out from the rest of other games thats like this?

Personally I have to agree the skills do need a revamp. More choices would be quite nice, but, rather then staying on the same trees after spending the 31st point maybe add in a prestige set. We have a prestige points system that doesn’t do anything so the placeholder is present. So a whole set of trees that let you crank up the specialized load out of your choice. Or even a set of massive resistance buffs that require just these points. As it stands they add up with no use and i’d personally rather not use uranium with base attacks/defense only rewarding the host at present.

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