Who would like to see new level cap increase and the ability to specialize in skill trees?

Just getting a census

What are you talking about? Both of those features are already in the game.

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Level cap was increased from 31 to 10,000 and the making a specialized character has been forever. The skill points you can get is capped off at 31 but anymore and you could have a character with two specialties.

You already can have 2 specialities, but just one of it active at a time.

Just guessing, but maybe he means, that he wants more skills and a revamped skilltree.

And he seems to have wanted to make a poll about that, but didn’t know how to do that. (poll-function of the forum)

I’d be game. Although I have seen many debate the merits of this not being a thing, I’d like to just point out the fact that almost every PC player I’ve come across has access to all the skills due to save manipulation. Basically what I’m getting at is it would, at the very least, put us on more equal footing with the PC folks.

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I believe the original point here was about the skill level cap, where you don’t gain any more skills after lvl 31.

By using illegal mods or cheats…
You want more skills to have more like cheaters have? I would love to see a safegame selfdestruction mode if man, for example, have 32 skills (more than possible).

Well, at least it’s just a cooperative game, not a competive one.

I just want to be able to have more than 30 skills, at least till 40 or 50.
We have an infinite “level cap”, we dont really need more skills to specialize, already have 4 and some of them suck!

Yes… But not all or even nearly.
I Iike specialisations. But there are some missing in my eyes.
Some skills could also get more levels, but with less percentages (+1 each for example).

the advantage of having more skills rather than just getting more uranium is that it gives you something to aim, search and combat for. I really don’t need lots more uranium but a couple of more skills would be good. ps. I am a PC player but don’t know how to save manipulate.


And more to experiment with to find a personal best way how to play GZ.

There was a time where uranium was rare. But it was used to produce experimental ammo. “We” wanted more character levels and more ways to get uranium. How it’s now was the result.

I would agree with way more skills, more skill points to spend and less uranium.

I get where you are coming from, but with all the skills that are all but useless, it would be nice to get access to some of those handy tid bits mixed in. Take the medical tree for example, it’s all but useless, which is unfortunate, but with how quickly you can die on the higher difficulties, it goes from being a quirky skill build to a liability very quickly.

Personally I run a combat/survival build to help keep me on my feet, let me carry more and shoot the snot out of every robot that is unlucky enough to cross my path. That being said, I would not be opposed to being able to take advantage of the extra explosive radius or the minor boosts to stealth on the right side of survival, so I wouldn’t be opposed to being rewarded for all my levels above 31.

It’s not worth it to modify saves. Takes all the fun out of the game if you are able to instantly have the best gear and 1 shot everything. While it’s a PvE game, moding is a game killer. Plus, it’s far more rewarding to get that reaper kill and get that exp weapon that you’ve been searching for.

We have the same problem over on State of Decay, I typically avoid PC players like the plague, because when they are not trying to give you every item and weapon in the game, they’re trying to rag doll you with a modded grenade launcher, or kill off your entire community, which means a game over and all the time you spent is wasted.

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Or give us the ability to use some of that uranium that we have stock piled, let us spend 100-500 uranium per extra skill point.

That sounds interesting.

Uranium as curreny for skills.
:thinking: which mutation do I want to buy today?” :joy:

I think that could work, but not until the skill tree gets a redesign with more skills to learn and still a maximum number of skill points which is lower than the total available amount of skills.

You would then be able to decide whether to spend uranium for more skill points or to use it for experimental crafting.

The needed amount, like you wrote, should indeed be as high. 100 sounds good.

Here an idea for some more skills I once posted:
Feature request - skill tree "bases"

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How do you guys even get so much uranium?
Do you play base assault 24 hours into each other games?

  • 5 Uranium for each lvl after lvl 31.
  • Base assaults
  • Base defenses

I didn’t play much since october, but currently I have about 250 uranium. My characters lvl is about somewhere between 50 and 60. Others probably have a lvl 3 or 4 times higher, because they play more often. And the more you played, the more bases you probably destroyed…
It’s not as hard to get much uranium, but 500 would be too much. 100 still sounds ok, but it still depends on how many additional skills and skillpoints would be able to get unlocked.

If this thread is about skill points then maybe need the title of the thread changed to reflect it and not just points. As I pointed out in my first post about the subject.

But if the skill point reward were to be 100, or even close to it, to get even 50 uranium you would need to level up 10 times. I assume that would be after the current system that ends at 31, that is based off game points. It then switches to costing uranium.

I get uranium from machines at times, fnix bases being destroyed and then the 5 you get from each level after 31. Don’t forget it costs a good bit to craft experimental ammo with the stuff and only get a few rounds.

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Ok, but 250 is actually very low if you were to craft exp ammo, i also have 200 or 250, we dont get much per each level and it takes quite a while.
Anyway i was just under the impression some users had thousands of uranium or something.

I don’t often craft experimental ammo…

But that is the exciting about this idea.
You have to decide whether to use the uranium for crafting for a consumable (ammo) or to spend it for a long term effect (skill point).
Some might chose the one way, some the other.
That’s cool. At least better than just farming uranium for only one purpose.

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